2017 Cosmic Color Clubs!


Teasers are now up on my website for the 2017 Clubs! I’m so excited about my 2017 Cosmic Color Clubs and I hope you’ll consider joining me for the fun and adventure!

With color inspiration notes, surprise goodies, new yarns, exclusive colorways, and more, the 2017 Spirit Trail Cosmic Color Clubs are shaping up to be the best I’ve offered yet. Wrapped up like a special present (which is totally what it is), what a fun and happy package to send to yourself! It’s one of the best surprises I can imagine, and one of the best ways I know of taking good care of myself: providing the materials for creative exploration and inspiration.

I love photos of galaxies and nebula, and am always astounded by all the colors. They may be fake ~ a photographer’s talent with lenses, filters, and photoshop ~ but I prefer to see them as magical and ethereal. Whether real or manufactured, they’re always inspiring.

I find color inspiration from all sorts of places: the beautiful area where I live, places I’ve been and places I dream of going, nature, fashion, music, and yes, these wild photos of the universe. From hot and bright to cool and subdued, the world’s ~ and the universe’s ~ vast array of color (whether natural or manmade) never ceases to grab my creative imagination, and they are the inspiration for the 2017 Cosmic Color Club.

I hope you’ll join me on an exploration of the vast cosmos of color over the coming year. If you’re already subscribed to my email list, you’re already set up to receive advance notice and a chance to subscribe before the clubs are publicized.

If you’re not subscribed, but would like to receive advance notice, you can sign up for my newsletter list here. Or, just check back to my website in early January; they’ll be up soon!

(Note that these photos are examples of where I find inspiration, and not necessarily hints to specific clubs colors ~ I wouldn’t want to ruin any of the surprise 🙂. )

I always look forward to planning the club yarns, colors, and specials, and I’m even more excited for the coming year. I’ve made quite a few changes to the Clubs, based on results and feedback from my polls (thanks again for helping me out, I really appreciate all the feedback).

I hope you’ll consider joining me, and will post more details here when the clubs are live!

8 thoughts on “2017 Cosmic Color Clubs!

    • There will be a mix. Some semi-solids, and some variegated. I’m also planning to do one to two complimentary colors each month which subscribers can purchase. If the club yarn is a variegated, the complimentary will be semi-solids, and vice versa. 🙂


    • Thanks! Hope so! (this year, knitting and sweater will not be getting the same colors, either, since they’re shipping in alternative months. woohoo, all the colors! 😀 ).


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