2017 Cosmic Color Clubs are Open!

The 2017 Spirit Trail Cosmic Color Clubs are open!

I’m so excited about the Clubs this year, with a slightly new format and loads of great new details, I think they’re the best I’ve come up with yet in the 10+ years I’ve been doing clubs.

For Knitting and Spinning, every other month from February through December you’ll receive a beautiful gift in your mailbox, including yarn or fiber, color inspiration notes, swag  (basically my favorite tools and accessories that I don’t think any textile artist should ever live without), and other goodies. Sweater Club shipments will go out every four months starting in March, and will include the same goodies. What a great present to give yourself, right? I really can’t imagine a better pick-me-up than getting such a wonderful surprise in the mail; something to spark inspiration and creativity, and just plain have a lot of fun with.

There are lots of great new details in the 2017 Clubs:

  • There are now built-in options to either pay monthly (with a  10% discount on yarns), or pay a lump sum up front (with a 20% discount on yarns).
  • Canadian and International Knitting and Spinning Clubs now also include super-sized options!
  • Sweater Club is priced for US subscribers, but there’s always the option for an individualized Sweater Club subscription for Canadian and International subscribers, with shipping tailored to your specific destination, to keep costs down as much as possible (email me at info@spirit-trail.net if you’d like a price for a sweater club to your location).
  • Knitting Club includes at least 3 patterns designed specifically for the Club by some of my favorite designers (you’re going to love these, I know!). Patterns are exclusive to the club for 6 months before reverting back to the designers for publication.
  • SWAG! I have some really great swag planned for each shipment, as well as an Add-On Swag Bundle of bigger / pricier items (I need to check on quantities of this option; it was very limited and may be sold out already from my email list subscribers).
  • Colorways are exclusive to the club forever! Including the complimentary colors (see below).
  • I’ll be doing one or two complimentary colors each month which subscribers can purchase at the 10% club discount, in addition to being able to purchase extras of any club colorway, on any base (club base or not!), at the 10% club discount.
  • And more!

You can check it all out here. I do hope you’ll consider joining me on a color adventure!



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