Happy New Year! 2017 Knitting Goals

I’m not a big one for making big lists of New Year’s Resolutions, although I do look at the start of a new year as a perfect time to get back on track, or stay on track (my continuing goals are to exercise more, track my food diary better, get healthier, spend more time with family … all the usual resolutions, I think). One thing I do at the start of just about every New Year though, is think about my knitting goals and aspirations for the coming year. Hey, that’s important!

Looking back on 2016, I did finish quite a few of the projects on my list, but there are a few that are still languishing in stash. Because either new designs came along that I fell so in love with that I had to knit them before anything already on my list, or I discovered an older pattern that was just what I had been looking for. And they bumped the original projects right on down the list.

But, I did well in 2016! Here’s a recap of most of what I knit (there are a few more small projects ~ hats and such ~ that I didn’t photograph or talk about much):


Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Lucille, Two Roads Hat (pattern designed and published in 2016; mitts and cowl patterns are still pending), Grandpa Cardigan, Vivian, The Rain Outside, Seamless Kimono, Sundottir, North Shore, Four Seasons Shawl (not started in 2016, but FINALLY finished in 2016), Vindur, Traveller Tunic Dress, Gola (a Finished Object post is pending for this one; I’m waiting for Laura to publish the pattern), and a pair of Riihivilla Mittens in the Red Tulip pattern for my Mom. I definitely see lots of colorwork and cables, which is no surprise as these are definitely my favorite kinds of knitting.

6 sweaters and a sweater dress, and miscellaneous smaller projects. I think that’s pretty good! Let’s just not go into the projects on my list at the start of 2016 (or, ahem, before that) which haven’t seen the light of day yet, okay?

This year is no different; I have lots of things on my Want-to-Knit list. Some are carrying over from 2016, and a lot are new.

Carrying over are:


This one missed being finished in 2016 by just a smidge. It’s a DK weight cashmere sweater for my daughter which I started on December 9. I dyed the colors to her specifications (just about, anyway). She wanted a dark green body with tan (which broke to green, as it is won’t to do, but I really like the variegation), gray, and white stitchwork. I love the dark green of the body and, luckily, I wrote this recipe down so I can recreate it.

For this sweater, I used Tin Can Knits’ “North Shore” design and “hacked it.” Caragh (my daughter) wanted an icelandic yoke sweater but with more geometric patterns in the yoke. We couldn’t find anything she really liked, so I used “North Shore” as the basis for the body (with some twerking, see my Ravelry project page for details) and then Alice Stanmore’s “Charts for Color Knitting” for the yoke patterns. This first pattern I took directly out of the book; the second I modified to fit the number of stitches and the spacing of the first. I hope to have this sweater finished by early next week.

Next up on the Carry Over List is another DK cashmere sweater for my son, Jackson (who nearly stole my North Shore, until I told him I’d knit him a cashmere sweater in whatever colors he wanted. He liked that idea. A Lot. So my North Shore is safe.).


These are Jackson’s colors: light gray, white, and a dark charcoal with strong blue hints. The recipe for which I did not write down, unfortunately. Might have to try to re-create it. It’s a good color.

After these two are done, and also on the Carry Over List, I have this yarn to knit another colorwork sweater:


Eir, sport weight BFL, in Shadow, Retro, Scarlett, Glass Bottom Boat, & Au Naturel

I have no idea what I’m going to knit yet. I may make something up so I can use all the colors. I love the wooly goodness of this base so much. It still smells, faintly, of clean sheep and has such great substance and character. Quite lovely.

Lastly for the Carry Over List, there’s this new yarn:


Worsted organic non-shrink wool (which I’ve named Luna and is debuting in 2017). Again, not sure what I’m knitting but it’s very high up on the list for early 2017.

Here’s *part* of my 2017 list. I’m stopping here, because I’m sure I’ll see things along the way that sidetrack me and get put in front of all the projects on this list:

Top to Bottom, Left to Right (all photos borrowed from Ravelry, see links for more):Fair Isle Cuffs (I’ll probably use this pattern as a jumping off point, but I think these would be great to wear in my studio when it’s chilly), Fireside Pullover (in Vesta, with some of the gorgeous vintage buttons I bought at TNNA), Nesting Wrap (because, Bristol. And Brioche. I may knit this with STF Astraea, for a little glitz and glam), Sasha Wrap (this is first up after the sweaters for my kids are done, with Clara’s Cormo 3.0 in Turmeric), Second Grace, Wolf River (this might be third up, also in Vesta, because OH MY GOSH how awesome is the combo of bulky yarn in a lacey pattern, so it’s not too heavy?!), Mini Stockings & Toadstools (because I’ve wanted to knit a holiday garland of mini stockings, mini hats, mini sweaters and toadstools forever, and Julie’s Advent Calendar inspired me all over again. Maybe I’ll get to it in 2017!), Crete, Erica Cardigan, and Teeter Totter Shawl.

I’m sure you’ve seen some of these patterns before, and recently. Wolf River is from a recent Fancy Tiger Crafts post (they’re having a KAL, which I’ll not be joining because of the Teen Sweaters I’m being ever so slightly nagged about 😉 ), but the combo of bulky and lace patterning grabbed me in a big way. Kay and Ann recently blogged about Crete and Nesting Wrap on Mason Dixon Knitting and I love the texture in both of these patterns so much. Jane Richmond posted a photo on IG of her Fireside Pullover from the front, with buttons, and I was a goner.

All these things to knit, and for the past four days, I’m totally obsessing about envisioning this:

Wolf River, in STF Vesta in Glacier. Ooh lala. And I really need something in this cool, light gray-blue. My wardrobe is seriously lacking this color, which would look so great with jeans, or black pants or a skirt.

What about you? Do you create a Want to Knit list at the beginning of the year, or just go with the flow? Are there any projects you definitely want to knit this year?


21 thoughts on “Happy New Year! 2017 Knitting Goals

  1. What a beautiful, productive 1016 you had! So many stunning knits, and I spy a potential new Mod Monday! Love your goals for 2017. I tend to use my Ravelry queue as my want to knit list, but things move around, and sometimes if years have gone by and the spark is gone, I ‘ll delete them. But then some of them get added back a year or two later! Planning what to knit always feels like an act of optimism, but I’m hoping to knit more garments this year.


  2. You made some beautiful things last year Jennifer and have some gorgeous projects lined up for 2017. This is the first year ever that I haven’t set myself any goals. After my husband died unexpectedly towards the end of last year, I lost my ability to focus on any project, and although my mojo is returning, little by little, I don’t want to beat myself up over anything that doesn’t get done by the end of the year. My goal is to enjoy being creative and to make things that would have made my husband proud of me. I shall follow your progress with great interest as you always match such beautiful yarns with your projects. Hope 2017 is a good year for you. xx

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  3. Wow- you got a lot knitted!

    My knitting “appetite” is bigger than my hands can work. And speaking n (and rarely, weave). I have a sport weight cardigan to finish. I want to knit a vest in Madrid Gras colors before Fat Tuesday 2017. I’m still slowly spinning and plying wool for a casual, lightweight (has to be, down South) vest or jumper. Some amazingly soft Tasmanian merino (White Gum) I want to knit into a sanquhar cowl (visions of grandeur say “a shawl- which I’d have to steek [eek]. I’d like to knit a pair of socks and a baby blanket. All that, plus spinning (and weaving at least one hand towel) will be an enormous accomplishment for 2017. Doubt I can get it done.

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    • I’m with you. My eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach as far as knitting goes, but I’m ever the optimist! 😀 That’s a great list; even if you got half of it done it would be a fabulous accomplishment!


  4. You’ve completed some beautiful projects. I have seriousyarn envy when it comes to cashmere and that colourway with the ‘retro’ in it is delicious. I’m doing some colourwork and going to knit a cardigan and socks!

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    • Thanks! I have cashmere envy, too, and still wonder how my kids talked me into giving my cashmere up for them ;-D. I know, I just love that Retro colorway, and it looks so fantastic with the Eggplant especially. I can’t wait to start working on that project. Good luck with all your projects!

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  5. Wow, Jennifer! You have knit some beautiful things this year! Thanks so much for the inspiration for 2017! Thanks also for including color and pattern names for us!

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  6. You got a lot done! I used to make a list every January, happily, of all the WIPs I’d finish and all the new projects I would knit or spin or weave. I did that for years and years, but I always listed more than I could finish and got distracted by New! Shiny! within two weeks. So, this year my goals are Make Stuff and Have Fun. Lots of Stuff, lots of Fun. I think I can cope with that!

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    • I did! I was somewhat surprised when I looked at the year. I totally know what you mean about the New! Shiny! distractions. Definitely happens to me, and at least 3 of my 2017 projects are distractions from my original knitting plan. It’s all good, though! Good to have a plan, and good for new things to butt in line. Love your goals; they’re great!


  7. Hi Jennifer,I’ve made several trips to Finland to visit family and on my last trip I went to the Marketplace in Helsinki and bought a couple of Riihivilla Mitten kits – which I have not yet knitted!  Your “goals” have spurred me on – maybe soon I will start them.Thanks for all your newsy emails.Happy New Year,Christine

    From: Spirit Trail Fiberworks To: cwidgren@yahoo.com Sent: Saturday, January 7, 2017 2:07 PM Subject: [New post] Happy New Year! 2017 Knitting Goals #yiv2938656652 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv2938656652 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv2938656652 a.yiv2938656652primaryactionlink:link, #yiv2938656652 a.yiv2938656652primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv2938656652 a.yiv2938656652primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv2938656652 a.yiv2938656652primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv2938656652 WordPress.com | Jennifer posted: “I’m not a big one for making big lists of New Year’s Resolutions, although I do look at the start of a new year as a perfect time to get back on track, or stay on track (my continuing goals are to exercise more, track my food diary better, get healthier, ” | |

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    • Thanks, Christine! And thanks for subscribing to my blog 😀 I love the Riihivilla kits; I’ve knit two so far and have at least one more at home. Plus miscellaneous colors I purchased from her to knit more on my own 🙂


  8. Hey Jennifer. I’m getting ready to make the Northshore kit but am thinking I might get more wear out of it as a cardi. Would it be hard to convert the pattern?


    • You could convert it, but the best way to do so would be to add a steek to the front and cut it. I’d recommending watching some YouTube videos on how to add a steek (you’ll need to add a plain area that will be cut and folded over), how to secure the edges, cut and finish. Otherwise, you’ll have to knit and purl the colorwork since you won’t be knitting in the round.


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