Color Inspiration Thursday: Antique Rose

“Antique Rose” on STF Zalti, with color inspirations

I imagined the decor and fashion of the Victorian Era for the Antique Rose colorway. Roses and varying shades of rose hues seem to dominate so much of the art, decor and fashion of the period. It was lush yet soft, flowery and feminine. The decor of the time, from interior decoration to exterior architecture, was highly detailed, some might even say “over done.” These images and architectural masterpieces from the Victorian Age are now preserved as National treasures. I for one love them, although I’m not sure I would have enjoyed living in that era (too rigid and formal, way too many rules), although it was a time of great change, with many changes in women’s traditional roles and women’s dress, and as a woman, that could have been very exciting indeed.

For Antique Rose, I wanted a deeper, more saturated shade of rose than the softer, more pastel, “delicate” shades that permeate Victorian dress, decor, and art. This colorway retains the muted, antique hues of the roses and pinks of Victorian art and fashion, but brings them forward into a more modern hue that is feminine and flattering without being too demure.

My friends know that, historically, I have not been a fan of pink. But, honestly, the more I work color in general, the more open I am to every color out there. I even knit myself a “pink” sweater (my Vindur in “Rose Kissed”). There are so many possibilities dyeing pink, and I’ve been having fun with all of them :-).

10 thoughts on “Color Inspiration Thursday: Antique Rose

    1. You’re so right! I may have been channeling “The Crown” when I created this color. I haven’t seen Victoria yet (I’m now worried by DVR didn’t record like it was supposed to … ugh!)


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