Color Inspiration Thursday: Magic Mushroom

Yeah, I know, it’s Friday and I’m a day late to the party :-). Yesterday was a full day of club dyeing for the first shipment heading out later this month, and packing orders from a new endeavor I’m really excited about: my new Power of Pink program (you can read all about it by clicking the link).

Today’s color is Magic Mushroom, a beautiful, muted brown-purple that I really love. I keep envisioning this colorway as a base for some seriously stunning colorwork.


What a great neutral, which just a hint of purple, plum and mocha mixed in with the brown.

Magic Mushroom on Sunna, with Au Naturel, Pink Sands, Retro, Herb Garden, and Rose Kissed

Happy Weekend, everyone! I hope yours is splendid. Mine will be completely taken up driving to and from Richmond every day (2 hours one-way from our house) for soccer games for my daughter, Caragh, who has a tournament all weekend. Due to the timing of her games, we decided not to stay over, but it does mean a lot of driving! If it’s not too cold, I should at least be able to get some knitting done at the games. Fingers crossed in my fingerless gloves.

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