Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival!

UPDATE: Paula is the winner of the random drawing for the yarn and pompom. Thanks, everyone, for taking the poll! I appreciate the feedback!

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival will be upon us soon and, as I do every year, I’m struggling to decide which yarn bases to bring. My booth at Maryland is so much smaller than my booth at New York Sheep & Wool, and it’s difficult knowing I can’t bring everything with me. Last year, rather than try to cram as much as possible into the booth I decided to leave some bases at home. It was a good plan, and I’m going to do the same this year. But this time around, I thought I’d have a poll so you, my dear customers and friends, can give me input on what you’d most like to see at the Festival.

Some bases are already off the table: Vesta (really, who needs bulky Merino in May, in Maryland?), Maeve (bulky merino/cashmere, again with the bulky in May), and Tayet and Decima, because they’re gone. But everything else is still in the mix.

So, I’d love all the feedback I can get. If you’re heading to MDSW, which bases would you most like to see in my booth? Complete the following survey and you’ll be entered to win a fun prize (photo down at the bottom of this post). Click on your favorite bases, or the ones you’d most like to see in my booth.


The poll will be open until February 18, 2017. To be entered to win, take the poll and then leave me a comment letting me know you’ve taken it. I’ll draw a random winner from the comments.

Prize: One skein of Spirit Trail Verdande in Graphite (220 yards worsted weight merino / cashmere / silk) with a fun complimentary pompom (100% vegan!) in charcoal and teal blue.

Thanks for helping me decide what to bring to MDSW!

42 thoughts on “Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival!

    1. Thank you! If I can squeeze some Vesta in, I will. But it takes up so much room if I try to bring a good selection of colors, being such a chubby yarn. Space at MDSW is SO tight.


  1. I took the poll although I won’t be there and voted for Nona and Sunna which are the only yarns of yours that I’ve been lucky enough to try so far! They are gorgeous so I am sure that others will enjoy them too.

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  2. Took the poll – is Sir the Eir? (my computer just autocorrected to Sir, so I suspect yes!). I love this yarn. – Sunna, Birte, and Verdande were my votes – and I would have gone for Tayet if it was a choice.

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    1. Thanks! And yes, I did. I’m not surprised, really. They’ve also apparently installed gates at the entrance, so attendees cannot enter early. Both of these have been standard practice forever at New York Sheep & Wool (except they charge a lot more than $5). We’ll see what, if any, effect it has 🙂


  3. I took the poll! I especially want to see and feel Verdante in person, to see what a worsted-weight MCN is like. My goal for 2017 is to knit myself an actual sweater, if I can stop casting on so many other smaller projects.

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