Introducing Selene!

Spirit Trail Selene in brand new colorways for Spring (clockwise from upper left): Lady Slipper, Lavender Fronds, Lemon Tart, Atlantis, and Sprout

Today, I’m really pleased to introduce Selene, the DK weight version of Luna, my new worsted base which I introduced last month in a limited color run of various pink shades (don’t worry, more Luna is coming in other colors in the near future). Selene, Luna, and Eos (the fingering weight version) are all spun from non-shrink 100% wool.

The fiber, which is a blend of different wools including but not limited to Merino, has been raised and processed under GOTS-certified standards for organic and ethical shepherding and processing. What this means is it’s been processed to be non-shrink without the use of either the coating plastics or acid stripping typically used to create superwash yarns. Neither of these methods are very good for the environment, and both create super-slick and smooth yarns … which is nice when you want something super-soft, but isn’t always the best choice for projects. This new fiber still feels like wool and has the spring of wool, but it can be machine washed and dried (I still recommend hand washing for longest wear, or washing / drying on gentle and cool settings).

Selene is great for colorwork, and I’ve dyed a series of colors which work well both on their own, and combined for colorwork. As a three-ply yarn, cables and stitch patterns pop in Selene. And, while it feels like wool, it’s still next-to-skin soft, and machine washable, so it’s especially great for projects that will get a lot of wear and tear, for babies and children, and for gifts to loved ones who may not understand the necessity of hand washing non-superwash items.

Spirit Trail Selene in some of my favorite recent colorways (clockwise from upper left): Glacier, Antique Rose, Au Naturel, South Pacific, Fog, and Eggplant

And because I can’t help myself when it comes to playing with colors for colorwork projects, here are some awesome possible pairings:

For now, these new non-shrink bases will only be available online (or, if you’re in the neighborhood, in the shop at my studio in Sperryville, VA).

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