Color Inspiration Thursday: Lavender Fronds


Lavender Fronds on Spirit Trail Selene

When one thinks of lavender, it’s usually the beautiful blooms and scent. But I also love the muted bluish, grayish green of the plant itself. So I set about to create a colorway, Lavender Fronds, celebrating the soft, muted, herbal colors of lavender when its beautiful flowers aren’t stealing the show. It’s still a showstopper.


I love it in this pairing with Glacier, Atlantis, and Fog.


Wouldn’t these colors together make a super pretty striped shawl?! I might just have to steal some of my inventory to make one.

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coloring inside and outside the lines, all the time.
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7 Responses to Color Inspiration Thursday: Lavender Fronds

  1. Kali Hamlin says:

    Beautiful and before I read your spot-on explanation, I wondered where the purple was! Love the pairings, too!

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  2. Pam Price says:

    I love Lavender Fronds! Going to search for the perfect pattern.

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  3. Leslie Fischgrund says:

    Do you have a deep purple that would contrast with it?

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    • Jennifer says:

      Eggplant would look fabulous with it. I don’t have any Selene dyed in Eggplant, but I could definitely do it (I have the base here). Or I can dye both colors on a different base. Email me at if you’re interested! Thanks!


    • Jennifer says:

      Well. DUH. I DID dye Selene in Eggplant! This just shows I should never respond from memory. So, yes! Eggplant and Lavender Fronds would be lovely, and they’re both in stock 😀


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