Color Inspiration Thursday: Bubble Gum Shooter


Bubblegum Shooter on Spirit Trail Sunna

Yeah, that’s a weird name for a yarn color. I know. But this speckled colorway needed a silly name. We bumped around with cotton candy, gum ball, gum drops, and then settled on an alcoholic version of this image. Jello Shots was a contender, but Bubble Gum Shooter seemed (somehow) more mature and not so College-Spring-Break-Shenanigans-esque.


I don’t know that I’d ever drink one of these (because, a drink that tastes like bubble gum?! uh, YUCK), but they’re a great combination of colors, and look fun. And so does this colorway, which I dyed on Sunna and I think would be a great speckle to knit a cool brioche Askewsme Shawl by Stephen West, with The Witching Hour, Hanalei, or Midnight Oil as the neutral background. Or any of Casapinka‘s cool colorwork patterns.


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