New Colors & New Project Decisions

I dyed this new colorway, which I’ve named Spectral, last week, and fell immediately and completely in love with it. I layered multicolored speckles of dark blues and reds, mustards and golds over a base of muted charcoal and soft light grays.


“Spectral” on STF Sunna

It’s a fantastic color. I really want to knit a sweater in it sometime soon; perhaps one of the elegant sweaters in my last blog post. Wouldn’t this be great? It’s certainly a non-neutral neutral. Anyway, I’m doing my due diligence and experimenting with it because I didn’t think it was right to sell this colorway without a test (that’s my rationale, anyway).

I knit a teensy tiny swatch just to see what the colors look like. I love it! It’s variegated but somehow also NOT variegated, because the blips of color are so small.

I’ve dyed this color on just about every base for the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival because I think it’s so wonderful, and as soon as I get back from the festival I’ll be quickly dyeing up more for an online shop update.

I got to looking at patterns yesterday afternoon (what a rabbit hole that is, right?), and quickly decided I wanted to include it in a multi-colored project, because it looks SO GOOD with The Witching Hour and Black Cherry. The Black Cherry pulls the deep red speckles out so well, and The Witching Hour is such a lovely, deep charcoal that accents Spectral’s gray base.


Spectral with The Witching Hour and Black Cherry, on SFT Sunna

I *think* I’ve narrowed the patterns down to two possibilities (I have to stop looking at patterns!):


Anonymous Shawl, but Verena Cohrs (photo from linked Raverly pattern page)

I absolutely adore this pattern. The texture is SO fabulous (check out the Ravelry link above for more close-up photos of the wonderful texture). My plan for this one, if I choose it, is to knit the crossed slip-stitch sections in Spectral and the other sections in subtle stripes of The Witching Hour and Black Cherry.



Slice, by TinCanKnits (photo from linked Ravelry pattern page)

For Slice, I’d knit the largest section in Spectral, and the smaller sections in the other two colors, with Black Cherry adjacent to Spectral and The Witching Hour at the edge. Click the Ravely link above for more photos.

Which would you choose? Or, would you choose an entirely different pattern? Inquiring minds (otherwise known as undecided minds) want to know :-).

10 thoughts on “New Colors & New Project Decisions

    • Thanks! I started the Anonymous shawl last night. I probably won’t wear it as a shawl (because I don’t usually wear “shawls”) but will wrap it around like a scarf. Definitely see a sweater in this color in my future, too 🙂


  1. Anonymous Shawl, hands down…and boy do I hope you decide to try this technique for one of the club yarns this year! What a fabulouas non-neutral Neutral.

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  2. OK then — you knit Anonymous, and I’ll knit Slice and send it back to you. 🙂 Seriously, I would.

    And for the record, Spectral is beyond fabulous. It’s got me **this close** to booking at plane ticket for MS&W. Except that I’ll be hosting a weaving teacher for a local workshop that weekend…..

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    • Thanks so much, Amy! Anonymous is pulling ahead in the race (if other patterns would just quit popping up into my view!).


  3. OMG!!!! I want that in all the bases! OK, maybe just a sweater quantity in fingering. Will try very hard to be the first person in your booth in Maryland. Love it! Non-neutral neutral indeed. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Thank you Jennifer.

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    • I was thinking about Find Your Fade, too, but decided it was too big for what I want (at least for now 🙂 ). The texture in Anonymous keeps drawing me in. I just can’t decide!!

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