Color Inspiration Thursday: Spectral

Sunna_Spectral (1 of 1)

“Spectral” on STF Sunna

Yeah, I posted about this color yesterday, because I couldn’t wait for today’s post. This is Spectral, one of my new speckled colorways and, so far, my favorite of the recent new colorways I’ve dyed. It’s a muted charcoal which varies from dark to very light, with speckles and splashes of dark red, deep blue, mustard and gold.


I fell in love with this colorway while it was still underway and wet in the pot, and started playing with a skein of it before it was even fully dry (see yesterday’s post … and I’m still trying to decide on a pattern!).

I’ve dyed it on every base I’m bringing with my to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, and as soon as I return home I’ll get to dyeing more for an online shop update (I’m planning to start more regular updates of smaller quantities of yarn and some special OOAKs, instead of saving everything for just a couple of big updates each year, so stay tuned for more on this new development.

14 thoughts on “Color Inspiration Thursday: Spectral

  1. I can see why you fell so hard in love with this Spectral colorway. It is fabulous!! It reminds me of the advice given to watercolorists to make their own grays from a mix of a red and blue pigments. Varying the percentage of each can change the gray from warm to cool. Either way, the gray has a richness to it. And Spectral is truly rich and luscious. Will have to make something in this. The pattern you found with its distinctive bands of textures is wonderful (previous post.) Swooning to myself.

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    • Thanks so much! I started Anonymous the other night and it’s fabulous. I’ll post photos of my progress soon. The Spectral looks amazing in the textured stitch pattern.


  2. Of course, I said that I am not buying any yarn at MDSW – I am just going with my friend who is coming in from England, And then you put up this absolutely beautiful colorway! Okay, so maybe I will just buy some of this yarn – but nothing else (said no knitter ever)
    See you soon!!

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  3. Since there’s no way I’ll make it to Maryland Sheep & Wool, I’ll be watching eagerly for the shop update afterward. Lovely, lovely coloreay.

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  4. I usually prefer to work with natural color yarns but I definitely need some of this! You will be among the first three of my stops at Maryland! See you there.

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    • Yay! Look forward to seeing you at MDSW! And yes, sooner is probably better than later; I have a feeling this colorway is going to go quickly (even though I’ve dyed it on every base I’m bringing πŸ˜€ ).


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