Color Inspiration Thursday: Art Nouveau

Sunna_Art_Nouvea (1 of 1)

“Art Nouvea” on STF Sunna

I continue to have some fun experimenting with techniques and colors. This is a color dyed with a couple of different techniques: variegation, and speckles. I really like it, and can imagine it knit with a dark blue like Atlantis or Werewolf of London, or a deep charcoal like The Witching Hour. Or, of course, all by itself.


It’s a really soft colorway, and feels very “vintage” to me. The Victorian Era was all about mauve (check out  one of my favorite books on the history of color and dyes for more on how mauve ignited a whole new method of dyeing, with its discovery in 1856). Coupled with golds, tans, and blues, “Art Nouveau” pulls together many of the favored colors of this refined era.

I’ll have some at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, and stay tuned for a shop update sometime soon as well.

6 thoughts on “Color Inspiration Thursday: Art Nouveau

  1. With all these speckly colorways popping up, I’m starting to wonder how they would look woven. Or maybe better said, how to highlight them woven. I think combining them with solid to emphasize speckliness. Hmmm. Will have to look to see what laceweight bases you have. (Yeah, kinda a weaving snob here – won’t weave with fat yarns anymore. Sorrynotsorry…)

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    • I think they would look great! I’ve been a very late convert to speckles, being staunchly against them for a long time (I just hadn’t seen much that I really liked). But, I have to say, now that I’ve crossed over to the Speckled Dark Side, I really love them … when I mix them with tonal solids, that is. My personal preference is still not as far as mixing multiple speckles (too busy for me, at least for now 😀 ). So I think mixing them with solids in weaving would be fantastic. The only lace base I have at the moment is Nona. And I do have quite a few on Nona (if you see a color you like but I haven’t shown a photo of it on Nona, just ask me … could be I have it here, or it’s in line.


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