Color Inspiration Thursday: Lady Slipper

Lady Slipper on Spirit Trail Selene

One of my favorite things about living where I do are the hundreds of Lady Slippers which appear in the woods, little spots of color before much else (wild at least) is blooming. For whatever reason, they absolutely love the woods around our house, and there’s one area in particular that is covered in them. I took the photos in the collage below on a walk last year, when these delicate flowers were at their peak. It seemed fitting to commemorate them in a new colorway for Spring, Lady Slipper.


Pink Lady Slippers are not all that rare (at least they aren’t in my woods), but they are nearly impossible to transplant or propagate. So wild Lady Slippers are a treat, and always a surprise when I first see them each year.

Such a pretty pink hue.

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