Color Inspiration Thursday: French Marigold


French Marigolds have to be one of my most favorite summer flowers. The colors are so rich, and I actually like the fragrance. It’s a bonus that that same fragrance is unpopular with many garden pests.

For this colorway, I focused on the deeper shades and stayed away from the brighter yellow-gold. I wanted this to be deep and rich, and it is. It’s fairly autumnal in hue, too, reminding me a bit of indian corn, falling leaves, and gourds.

In summer, I not only plant many of my patio pots in french marigolds, I also surround my vegetable plants with them in varying hues of deep red, rust, orange, and gold. And in the depth of February, when I started contemplating new colorways, I had warm summer days on my mind.

3 thoughts on “Color Inspiration Thursday: French Marigold

  1. What a great color way! I can’t wait to see it in person. (I hope there is some left on Sunday!!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • And was there? I’m sorry I missed you at the booth! If you missed getting some, I’ll include this in the online shop update I’m working on for late May.


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