Color Inspiration Thursday: White Noise

Birte_WhiteNoise (1 of 1)

Probably the hardest sell for me for speckled yarn was speckles on white. It felt like a major case of cheating, leaving all that white yarn untouched. But, like speckles in general, I decided to give it a go, and found myself a convert to these sorts of colors as well.


“White Noise” is the second colorway I’ve created recently that starts with white yarn (well, just about everything starts with white yarn, but you know what I mean), and working to have much of it remain white. Again, it’s the nuances in this colorway that mesmerize and beckon me, like a quiet siren’s song. There are the grays and charcoals, of course, but on closer inspection, there’s green and blue, and hints of pink, orange, and yellow that become noticeable the longer one looks at the skein. Magical, indeed.

I can’t wait to see what White Noise looks like knitted up (so, if you purchased some at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, please do share your swatching and your project!).

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