Color Inspiration Thursday: Bluestone


So, I have to admit that this colorway was an accident. It turned out to be a very happy accident, as I really love it, but it was definitely not planned.

I had a late subscriber to my Sweater Club, so I had to quickly dye up another batch of the March club color, Winter Sea, which is a soft gray-blue. I went on my merry way, soaking the yarn, mixing the dye, getting it all into the pot …

and then …

I gave it a stir. And the yarn did NOT look like the right color, at all.

Turned out, I totally forgot I was dyeing HALF a batch of yarn, and made up the recipe for a FULL batch. Duh.

At left, Bluestone. At right, Winter Sea. (Thanks to my local knitting friend, Anne, for taking such a lovely photo of her sweater-in-progress … I can’t find my photo of the club yarn at the moment.)


So, yes, it’s lovely. But, no, it’s not the club colorway. I quickly realized what I had done, and re-dyed the club colorway. And then realized that this goof was quite a nice color blue, and not really like any other colorway I had yet created. New colorways sometimes come about via the silliest routes.

I’ll have some of this colorway on a couple of bases in my late June online shop update.

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