Color Inspiration Thursday: Deep in the Abyss

Oh, how I love this color. It’s one of my new speckled colorways, but it’s a dark, deeply saturated hue. I wanted to see what speckles would do on a more darkly hued base color, and I was not disappointed.

Deep in the Abyss starts with a deep charcoal gray base, over which varying tones of blue and intense purples are layered and speckled. The result is a colorway with serious depth, nuance and personality.

Whether it’s an abyss deep in the ocean or far off in space, it’s the little sparks of light illuminating the darkness that always draw my eye and spark my imagination.


Daniel Craig because he popped up when I searched for images, and who am I to argue? heh.

I can envision this color knit into a gorgeous sweater, or used in a fabulous colorwork project. It’s solid enough for lace, but variegated enough to never be boring. It’s such a sophisticated neutral.

I want to knit all the things in this color.


(and yeah, I know it’s not Thursday. Work with me here. It’s summer 🙂 ).

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