Finished Object: Starting Point Wrap

Joji Locatelli’s Starting Point Wrap, knit in STF Sunna in The Witching Hour, Fog, and Raku, and STF Astraea in Retro and South Pacific.

I don’t know about you, but the throes of summer always seem to burst my well-laid plans and schedules. I’m not really sure why, because it’s not like my kids are small and, suddenly home from school, require all my attention. But for whatever reason, I find that, when summer hits, my productivity and schedule seem to go POOF into thin air.

A prime example of this is my lack of Color Inspiration Thursday posts over the last month of so. Seriously, all of a sudden I realize it’s Friday (or Saturday) and I missed another Thursday. I hate that!

Anyway, I hope I get myself back together and on my regular posting schedule soon! I have fun putting those posts together.


In other news, I finished my Starting Point Wrap, Joji Locatelli’s recent Mystery Knit-along. This is the first time I’ve participated in a mystery knit-along, and I really wasn’t going to until I took a peek at the Clue 1 photos in her spoiler thread, and just loved what I saw. When Joji posted about the pattern, I got her yardage requirements and I didn’t have a yarn base that fit the yardages outlined in the pattern, so I didn’t put any kits together. This has since been rectified and I have one (or more!) new fingering weight bases coming soon and I’ll be doing a few kits for this pattern, for anyone who didn’t participate in the MKAL and wants to knit it now (the pattern is now available on Ravelry in one document rather than 5 separate clues).

My daughter, Caragh, is 5’7″ … this is a wonderfully large wrap!

This pattern was SO FUN to knit. So fun, in fact, that I’m seriously considering knitting another one. At some point. After a few other deadline projects are done. But, really, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s not complicated, but there is just enough detail to make it fun and interesting. I’ve knit at least 4 of Joji’s patterns, and every single one has been a joy: well-written, well-edited and tested and, of course, well-designed.

What I like about this wrap is it’s construction and it’s size.

I’m lucky to have such a photogenic model 😀

It’s knit in two pieces, which are then joined in the center by two triangles. It’s fun and interesting, and I really like the result. I’d been wanting to knit South Pacific and Retro together ever since I created them last Autumn, and when I started looking around for colors, I noticed that Raku looks awesome with both of them. Throw in two neutral grays and, voila! Awesome color scheme, contemporary design … such a great combination.


This is not a small wrap! It’s knit in fingering weight yarn at a nice, drapey gauge. I love that it’s so big, but it’s also so versatile. Wear it as a shawl or wrap, or scrunched about around your neck for a wonderful, substantial scarf. I can’t wait for cooler temps; I’m sure I’ll wear this piece a lot!

What colors would you knit this pattern in? Inquiring minds … I’ll be dyeing up some kits in the next couple of weeks for my next shop update, and always open to ideas :-).





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