Where Did July and August Go?!

I can’t believe I haven’t been back to my blog since July 15! I ended up taking a totally unplanned and unintended holiday from blogging. Summer just got the best of me!

But, I’m back. Woohoo! School is back in session for my daughter, and will be soon for my son, and we’re getting back into our regular routine.

What have I been doing these last six weeks, you ask?


I finished my Starting Point Wrap (yeah, I know I posted about it already, but I’m still so tickled with it I had to post again).

We headed to the beach, to Ocracoke Island on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, on July 22. It was splendid …


until the power went out on July 27, and we were evicted from the Island on July 28. Not really horrible for us, but we sure felt terrible for all the island residents and businesses, and everyone who had vacations planned over the two weeks after the power accident.

We arrived home on July 28, and the next Tuesday, Caragh and I headed off for the Northern College Tour Adventure.



We visited Columbia University, Boston University, University of Maine, and College of the Atlantic on the Northern Tour. Oh, and we got to stay with this chick for a quick visit:

Which was awesome, and fun. And proved to Caragh that her Mom and her friends are silly and embarrassing (my job here is done).

We got home on Saturday, and left the following Tuesday for the Southern College Tour Adventure …FullSizeRender_6

I don’t have that many photos of the Southern Tour. I think my brain was toast at this point. Anyway. Southern Tour was William & Mary, Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, UNC Wilmington, and Coastal Carolina. In 3 days.

We got home from that trip late Thursday, and I promptly collapsed in a puddle of drool.

Time will tell where Caragh applies, and if any more schools end up on her list (we’re not visiting any more until after she applies and gets in … touring 9 schools was quite enough).

Now we’re settling back into our regular routine, and I am super busy! I’ll be traveling to Maine for Amy Herzog’s Make Wear Love Retreat in September, then home to busily finish preparations for the New York Sheep and Wool Festival. Also in the mix is a rather large order of yarn going to Knit Stars subscribers, and another big wholesale order shipping out in early November.

Phew. No wonder this year feels like it’s flying by.


I’m currently working on a Three Color Cashmere Shawl, designed by Joji Locatelli, and a secret project which will be unveiled at the MWL Retreat, and then here on my blog right after!

And … I’m also now testing knitting Laura Nelkin’s new design, Caragh. Which I’m knitting for MY Caragh, of course. How could I not? (plus, she’s tiny, so I can knit a Small and be done quick!). (Aside: Caragh means “friend” or “beloved” in Gaelic … basically the same as Cara in Italian, just the funky Gaelic spelling. We chose Caragh for our daughter because of her beautiful red hair, and she’s our darling girl. Laura chose Caragh for her sweater because of her upcoming knitting trip to Ireland 🙂 ).

And the dyepots are seriously bubbling:

with new yarn bases, and new colors. Stay tuned for a Shop Update next week, for some really fantastic kits in my new fingering weight superwash merino singles base, Aurora. More on that soon.

Hope summer was fabulous for all of you, too! Back to our regularly scheduled program of color inspirations (because I have lots of new colors to show you!) and knitting!

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