Color Inspiration Thursday: Perfect Beach Day


If you’re at all familiar with my colors, you may have noticed that aqua blue plays a continuing roll. Every season I seem to come up with a new one. I think it may be my favorite color, if I had to pick a favorite color. Well, one of them anyway.

It’s such a great accent color but, really, I think I need a sweater in this color, to wear on those cold, drab, gray days of winter when I’ve finally had enough of cold weather (in other words: February in Virginia, when I just want winter to be done already).

One of my new aqua blue colors for this season is “Perfect Beach Day.” It’s reminiscent of that perfect shade of sunlight-on-water I remember from a long-ago trip to the island of Exuma, in the Bahamas. An almost surreal color, I was mesmerized every day by the different hues of the water, and that translucent-yet-nearly-neon blue. Mother Nature certainly has her party clothes on when sunlight hits the sea.

New colors will be debuting at the Make Wear Love Retreat, Shenandoah Vallery Fiver Festival, and the New York Sheep and Wool Festival. They’ll be in online shop updates thereafter!

Stay tuned for next week, when I show other new colors I created for this season’s shows and online updates, some of which will work splendidly with Perfect Beach Day for some fun multi-color projects.

[aside: I’ve noticed that I seem to dye Spring / Summer colors for Fall / Winter knitting … and vice versa. It’s like I need to have those bright colors around me when the earth is more subtly shaded, and the subtle, deep, earthy shades when the earth is festooned with bright colors. This could be sort of backwards for selling yarn, I think?]






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