New Design! Meet Beatha


Meet Beatha, a new pattern just published on Ravelry, designed by me!

Beatha (pronounced BA-ha) is Irish Gaelic for โ€œlife, livelihood, food, sustenance; that which nourishes us.โ€ Knitting and textiles definitely nourish me, and I think thatโ€™s true for everyone who loves to create things with yarn. Seemed like a good name for this fun crescent shawl.

Earlier this year, Kim from Indigo Dragonfly and I cooked up a scheme to collaborate with each other for Amy Herzog’s Make Wear Love Retreat (where I am right now! In Maine! woohoo ๐Ÿ˜€ ).

I’ve always thought it would be fun to collaborate with other dyers. I contacted Kim, and she was totally up for it, because she’d been thinking the same thing. So, Kim and I each sent the other yarn, and then we had to dye something to go with what we received. And then design a pattern using the two yarns / colors together.

I chose DK weight, and Kim sent me this super-fun variegated colorway on her DK Matter base. The colorway is named “Nocturniquette” and is a blend of purples and oranges in varying hues. I dyed a really deep, dark purple, which I named “Sublime,” to go with it because I wanted two high-contrast colors for the design I had in mind.


Which is a fun crescent shawl with striped garter stitch sections, some simple lace, a funky elongated stitch section, and picot edge. It’s an easy pattern except for the two rows which make up the elongated stitches. Which, honestly, aren’t difficult; they’re just fiddly. But only 4 rows out the the whole shawl are fiddly; the rest is just fun knitting.

I used nearly all of both skeins of yarn, so if you have any leftovers from other projects in Birte or DK Matter in your stash, I recommend using those to swatch. If not, keep your swatch because you’re going to need it to finish. If you choose another yarn base, keep in mind you may need more yardage than called for in the pattern (Wendy used some DK from Madeline Tosh and estimated that she used 294 yards for Color A and 288 yards of Color B).


Modeled by the ever-delightful and ever-photogenic Caragh (my daughter; I might be just a little biased ๐Ÿ˜€ ).


The pattern has been test knit by several intrepid knitters. Much gratitude to Anneย (who knit one and is close to finishing her second already!), Brooke, Kyrie, and Wendy, who jumped on it right away and helped me out with confirming / correcting stitch counts and a few other little glitches in the pattern. A few other Ravelers are knitting it as well, so do check out the pattern page for projects; they should be adding their shawls in the near future.


Anne’s second Beatha in the works. She’s using Birte in Black Moon and Fog. I love this more neutral look (I might need to knit another one for myself, too!) (click on photo to get to Anne’s project page)

On the flip side, I sent Kim a skein of Sunna in a new colorway, Good Vibrations. I haven’t seen what she did with it yet, but I’m really looking forward to it. This was super fun, and I definitely hope to do it again with Kim, and perhaps some of my other dyer-friends.
The pattern is available for sale on Ravelry!

I’ll also be knitting up a fingering weight version. It’s a simple mod – pick two fingering weight yarns and adjust the needle size. I’m going to knit one in Sunna, on Size 6 needles.

Wendy’s Bestha, knit in Madeline Tosh DK in “Deep” and “Optic” (click on photo to get to Wendy’s project page)




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