Color Inspiration Thursday: Melted Chocolate


What could be better than a beautiful, rich brown? I’ve struggled with getting a solid brown color for years. Brown dyes are made up of multiple different chemicals, many of which strike at different temperatures. Which leads to “breaking” … brown with flashes of orange, green, yellow, etc.

Finally, I think I’ve mastered brown! This is a mix of several different “browns,” with some other colors added in to level it all out. I love this colorway which, as soon as it emerged from the depot, reminded me of rich, warm, melted chocolate. So, that’s what it’s named.

Personally, I love brown on its own, but I know many people don’t. It’s a fantastic color for colorwork, though, and can lay a wonderful foundation for all sorts of other colors.

Works with both Perfect Beach Day and It’s Not Easy Being Green, doesn’t it? And wait til the Color Inspiration for next week; it’s another winning combo!

And, speaking of melted chocolate, the cupcakes in the collage above? Here’s the recipe. Gluten free, even, if you’re like me and can’t eat gluten (but easily made with regular flour, too). You’re welcome. ๐Ÿ˜€



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