Color Inspiration Thursday: Alpine


“Alpine” is a bit of a departure into uncharted territory for me, again. You know I’ve been playing in the previously uncharted territory of speckles. This colorway is one of my first journeys into fiddling around some more with speckles … putting them in the pot with more water, and then swirling them a bit so the colors mix in the water before they settle on the yarn. Then adding a bit more dye later and leaving it as it is. So, soft colors and tones, varying shading, some areas where the colors blend and others where they don’t.

Alpine starts with white yarn in the pan, to which I add some yellow and some blue … and yes, sometimes that does make green (not always ;-D ). Then more bits of yellow, slate blue, charcoal gray. The blue and gray break into some different colors sometimes, so here and there are flashes of pink, orange, lighter blues.

Rather like an alpine meadow dotted with a hint of flowers.

I’m really happy with the result. I’ll definitely do more like this.

And doesn’t it look lovely with Melted Chocolate? I can totally see a two-color shawl with these two.


2 thoughts on “Color Inspiration Thursday: Alpine

  1. I love this, Jen! Gotta knit faster to make room in the stash. And the color combo of alpine & chocolate could literally make a tree (a lush, healthy tree) … a happy association in any season!

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