Color Inspiration Thursday: Blue Suede Shoes


One of my most favorite colors is a bright, rich cobalt / royal blue. I was so happy with how Blue Suede Shoes turned out, because it’s pretty much that very color. Intense, bright, vivid, rich … all those things.


I think I need a pair of blue suede shoes. I almost bought these a few years ago, but the more logical angel on my left shoulder wouldn’t let me buy them (she’s really no fun sometimes). They’re on my dream list, though, so maybe someday. Or those shoes in the upper right photos … they’re a little bit “naughty librarian” :-D.

A collage of blue suede shoes would not be complete without a photo of The King in all his youthful gorgeousness, now would it?

I’ll have this color on several bases at the New York Sheep & Wool Festival, and it will be in an online update thereafter!

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