Color Inspiration Thursday: Firebird


I love the color combo of red, orange, and yellow. It brings to mind many of my favorite Autumn images: warmth and crackling fires in the wood stove, Sugar Maple trees ablaze in their Autumn finery, ripe apples of every variety.

I’ve dyed different versions of this color combination several times over the years, and this season, I played with speckling them. I really love the result, and I think Firebird would make a fabulous contrasting color for colorwork projects (with Big Red Barn, or Sublime, or The Witching Hour). In fact, I just sent off a skein, with a contrasting colorway, to a designer to play with. I won’t say who (so there’s no pressure), but I can’t wait to see what she creates.

And an aside: the photo at the top right of the above collage is part of one of my new abstract paintings entitled, appropriately, Autumn Fire. It’s an abstract impression of the Sugar Maple tree near my studio, as it turns from green to red to gold (right sides of the painting are deep green with red shadows … lots of texture and color).ย 

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