Color Inspiration Thursday: The Road Less Traveled


RoadLessCollage.jpgThis post has a definite philosophical bend to it, because of what the name of this colorway means to me. The Road Less Traveled is named after what may be my favorite poem, The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost (although some of Mary Oliver’s are right up there, but I’ll save those for another day).

This poem was my mantra throughout high school and college; written in the margins of notebooks, illustrated in sketch pads, always circulating in the hidden crevices of my heart and mind. I wanted to take the road less traveled; I dreamed, to quote another Frost poem, of joining “my avocation and my vocation, as my two eyes make one in sight” (my goodness, that’s just an amazing piece of writing, isn’t it?).

After I graduated from college with degrees in English Lit, Fine Art, and Philosophy (all well-suited to the corporate world, right?), I found myself working in a career in commercial real estate in Washington, DC. When I thought of “The Road Not Taken,” it was almost as a reproach. I had really fallen into this career through no plan, going to work for my father’s architectural practice after graduation because he needed the help, and then getting hired by one of his clients in his new real estate development company. Life was definitely not turning out how I had envisioned it (when does it ever, right?) and I felt like I had chosen the road most traveled by, whether that choice was inadvertent or not. Perhaps I was saving that other road for another time, but I wondered if, like Frost, I’d ever get back there.

Like many of my colorways, The Road Less Traveled was inspired by the beautiful place I live, the colors I’m immersed in every day. When I created it this Fall, the mountains and country roads were just beginning to turn color. The trees were mostly still green, the sky was that brilliant September blue, but there were these solitary leaves turning red and gold sooner than their neighbors. So, it’s a base of greens and blues, with those errant spots of red, brown, and gold, harbingers of the coming Autumn.

And it’s a bit of an ode to the wonderful words of Mr. Frost, words I devoured as a teenager and young adult, when the world was ripe with possibility and I was going to make my mark in some creative and artistic way. I do believe I have been finding my way back to that other road, the less traveled one, over the course of 15 years I’ve spent dyeing yarn. Again, definitely not anything I had envisioned when reading these poems as a young adult, but certainly closer to what I had imagined for myself at the fresh, young age of 17. Certainly, I’ve joined my avocation for art, and creating, and working with color, and my vocation, in how I make my living working on a canvas of yarn (although, I also recently started working on actual canvas with tubes of color … so perhaps that activity is what is spurring these philosophical musings :-).


Anyway, as always, I hope you love this little peek into what inspires my colors, and thanks for reading my ramblings!




4 thoughts on “Color Inspiration Thursday: The Road Less Traveled

  1. I always enjoy your “ramblings”! I love how you’ve found your way back to art, and grateful, since it results in the beautiful yarns I love to knit with. What a yummy color this one is!

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    • Thanks, Kendra! I really love this color, too. It might find it’s way into a project for me one of these days, too. I always wonder if I should go into detail like this; and usually err on the side of not. Figuring that readers are interested in my yarn but not necessarily my internal musings :-). But, this one in particular is so connected, it didn’t seem right to leave it out. Happy Holidays!


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