Finished Object: 3-Color Cashmere Shawl


So, I finished this shawl, 3-Color Cashmere Shawl, by Joji Locatelli, before the New  York Sheep & Wool Festival. Trying to get my daughter, Caragh, to stand still long enough to get photos has been more difficult than usual these past couple of months. She’s been so busy ~ school, research projects, college applications (there are 9? 10?), cross country, friends, school … I don’t know how the girl does it all (well, I do, but I’m continually astounded).


Anyway, another fun and fabulous pattern by Joji. I really love her designs; I think this is the fourth I’ve knit? Maybe 5. Every one has been well-written and perfectly tech-edited.


I knit this shawl in Spirit Trail Sunna, in Midnight Oil (a deep, dark charcoal-blue with purple tones), Hermitage (antique gold), and Spectral (gray with red / blue / mustard speckles). It took less than one skein of each color. If you’re inclined to knit one of your own, I have all three colors in stock (see above links), as well as lots of other colors that would work great together. And a few three-skein kits of Sunna, and one in Eos, already put together; you can check them out here. Need help choosing colors? Just send me an email at; I love putting color combinations together!

The pattern called for only the one, big section of Color C, which is Hermitage in my shawl. I realized after I had knit the first sections of large color blocks that I really wanted more of the gold in it. Had I thought about it earlier, I probably would have added a couple of rows of gold in between each of the large block sections in the first section, too (like, the last row of one color and first of the second, at each color transition … this would keep stitch counts correct).

Here’s how I added the gold stripes, to keep the number of rows and stitch counts correct:

And, this is how I organized my colors for the shawl instructions:
Color A: Spectral
Color B: Midnight Oil
Color C: Hermitage

Band 2, two-row colors stripes (10 sets of 4 rows in the pattern, 40 rows total):

1 Rows 1-2: Spectral
2 Rows 3-4: Midnight Oil
3 Rows 5-6: Spectral
4 Rows 7-8: Hermitage
5 Rows 9-10: Midnight Oil
6 Rows 11-12: Spectral
7 Rows 13-14: Midnight Oil
8 Rows 15-16: Spectral
9 Rows 17-18: Midnight Oil
10 Rows 19-20: Hermitage
11 Rows 21-22: Spectral
12 Rows 23-24: Midnight Oil
13 Rows 25-26: Spectral
14 Rows 27-28: Midnight Oil
15 Rows 29-30: Spectral
16 Rows 31-32: Hermitage
17 Rows 33-34: Spectral
18 Rows 35-36: Midnight Oil
19 Rows 37-38: Spectral
20 Rows 39-40: Midnight Oil

Downloadable PDF is here.



That little dimple. It kills me every time.

I think this is a shawl I’ll wear a lot (unless I give it to Caragh; it does look really pretty on her).

More photos on my Ravelry project page.



6 thoughts on “Finished Object: 3-Color Cashmere Shawl

  1. I love how this turned out! Heading over to purchase the pattern for myself. I, too, am a Joji fan, and I love your choices of colors – thanks for the pdf to show which color you put where. Your daughter is adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! It’s a really fun pattern; just enough to keep it interesting but not so much you can’t do other things at the same time (like talk ;-D ). And you’re very welcome for the pdf! Yes, Caragh is adorable, and so darn smart, and fearless, and focused. She blows me away, every day (both my kids do, really; I’m so lucky, they are both so fantastic and make me proud, every day xox).


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