Finished Object: Caragh Sweater

Caragh, in her Caragh, knit in STF Brigantia in Scrimshawl

At long last, I finished my Caragh Sweater last week. I was a test knitter for Laura Nelkin for this pattern. Well, I was supposed to be a test knitter. Good thing she had a lot of other test knitters this time around, because sadly, I was a complete fail on this deadline.

As always, this was a fun pattern to knit. I love Laura’s patterns, because they’re always unique in construction. Caragh, like Vindur and Gola, is knit side to side, and then back and forth along the sides and under the sleeve. Caragh is fun because there are cables on the sides, and around the neck.


It’s a really good pattern if you’re knitting in a place where your focus is or could be scattered. Kids sports events, or knitting groups, for instance. Since the body is stockinette, and it’s all knit first, there’s plenty of knitting that can successfully be done in these types of settings, because all that’s required is a bit of increasing / decreasing / shaping. Then you can save the cabled parts for later, when you’re home (if you’re like me and sometimes mess up your stitch patterns because you’re paying too much attention to the conversation or sporting event 🙂 ).


I love these side-to-side sweater patterns Laura has created, and have knit Gola (which I DID test knit for Laura, in the timeframe she needed 😉 ) and Vindur as well. The addition of cables up the sides and around the loose turtle / cowl neck really adds to this design, too. Caragh loves her sweater, which makes me a very happy knitter (and Mom).


Laura’s recent Faded Gola has me, once again, thinking about another sweater. I love the Gola I knit for myself, and I love the speckled / faded color kits I’ve been putting together this Fall. So, there might be another Gola on my needles one of these days!

PS I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I’ve added Gift Certificates to my online shop! Perfect for the choosy yarn lover who likes to pick his or her own colors. You can get them here.




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