Color Inspiration Thursday: If a Tree Falls


With the debut of Mary Annarella’s new pattern, I Am Groot: Cardigan of the Galaxy, yesterday, it seemed more than fitting to post about the inspiration for the colorway.

Mary wanted a color reminiscent of the varying tan and brown shades of tree bark, but not too variegated or contrasty since her design includes cables. I went with the winter shades of the woods; the trees always seem more subtle and muted than other seasons. I don’t think the bark actually changes, but without being surrounded by the colors of Spring, Summer, and Fall, the trees definitely seem quieter, more subdued.

She loved the colorway, and I love her design!


Mary’s put the pattern up on Ravelry at 30% off until December 17, 2017! And, as noted yesterday, there’s lots of Zalti available in my shop, as well as a dyed-to-order option for If a Tree Falls, and a special order option for any other color not currently in stock.

6 thoughts on “Color Inspiration Thursday: If a Tree Falls

  1. That yarn is SO beautiful ~ but I live in a forest 🙂 And that cardi is beautiful, too! Just might have to try knitting a sweater.

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    • Thanks! I live in the woods, too, so it wasn’t too difficult :-D. I think you should try knitting a sweater! (not that I’m an enabler or anything hahaha).


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