2018 Clubs!

The New Year is always an special time, as is the beginning of any new endeavor. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a beginning orchestrated by man rather than the natural beginning of a season. For most of the world, the Gregorian calendar, introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, is what is used to mark time.

Blue Morpho, by Anne Podlesak. Two skein option knit in STF Sunna in club colorway Morning Light. Check out the Ravelry Thread to see photos of the yarn and contrast colors.

I always get this feeling that I have a whole new 365 days stretched out before me on January 1, even though this is technically true at any point in time. But it’s different on January 1 because, manufactured or not, it IS the beginning of a new year. And to me, on January 1 that new year always seems limitless, ripe with potential, endless possibilities, and adventure.

I don’t really do the whole New Year’s Resolution thing, other than to say to myself that it’s as good a time as any to get back to any good habits that may have fallen by the wayside (why is it always easier to get out of a good habit than get into one, or get BACK into one?! A question for the ages.) or even start a good habit if I’ve been procrastinating.

Genevieve, by Jennifer Wood. One skein option knit in STF Birte in the club colorway, Dark Eyed Junco. Check out the Ravelry thread to see photos of the yarn and contrast colors.

But, this wide-open and fresh response I have to January 1 is the reason I always love planning and opening my annual clubs. Because they, too, are full of potential, endless possibilities, and adventure (at least an adventure in color). It’s a place where I can experiment a bit with color, let inspiration free, and have some fun. Well, dyeing is almost always fun, but what I do for the club always feels special, and a bit different. I guess this is so because I’m doing it especially for people who have subscribed and, in subscribing, have put their trust in me to send them beautiful things. And a different level of trust that, even if a color isn’t something they’d typically choose for themselves, they’re willing to take a little adventure with colors outside their comfort zones or preferences. I’m deeply committed to my club members, to provide them with something special and worthwhile.

Genevieve, by Jennifer Wood. Two skein option.

Each year, the club is a little different, too. Last year, in addition to swag included in every shipment, I added a Super Swag option. While it was fun, I decided to incorporate some larger swag gifts into the regular club this year, instead of a completely separate option. Last year, I also added contrasting and / or complimentary colors that I dye each month to go with the club color, which subscribers may purchase with the club discount (10% off retail prices).

Titan Hat and Cowl, designed by Bristol Ivy (not yet in the Ravelry database; I’ll update when it is). Knit in SFT Luna in the club colorway, Wassail. One skein hat, two skein cowl.

2018’s clubs include the swag (because I really love including these fun items, which are either tools I personally use and love, or cool things I’ve come across in my fiberly travels). I’ll also be dyeing the extra colors (there are so many great multi-color projects these days I think additional colors each shipment is a great option), and including three patterns in the Yarn Club as I did last year. The patterns are fun, because I really enjoy collaborating with designers, and this is another venue to do that.

A few years ago, I added a Sweater Club, and I’m continuing that because I really enjoy dyeing for larger projects. 2018 marks the first time in many years that a Spinning Club is not included in the mix. This was a tough decision to make but, after much agonizing, I realized a sabbatical from fiber dyeing was the right thing for me, for the coming year.

Titan Hat and Cowl, by Bristol Ivy.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the 2018 clubs, you can check them out here. And to see more on the 2017 club colorways and inspirations, check out the threads in my Ravelry group, which I start when each shipments goes out.

Here’s to the New Year, full of new colors, new designs, and more adventures in color! Join me?


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