Color Inspiration Thursday: Gradi-Speckles!


“Light” Spectral on STF Aurora

A few weeks ago, I was dyeing up a batch of Spectral on Aurora, my single ply superwash merino fingering weight base (which I LOVE). My Mom was here at my studio, and we were chatting away as I mixed base colors, added them to pans, and added yarn. All normal, right?

She went on her way, and when I went to start adding speckles I realized I had not measured the base dye for Spectral correctly (obviously I can’t do two things at once ;-D ) and it was super light. After stomping and cursing a bit, I just figured whatever, I’ll proceed anyway.

I loved the result, but it definitely wasn’t Spectral (I knew it wouldn’t be, of course). After looking at the Not-Spectral-Spectral for a bit, an idea formed, which was to create multi-skein kits based on one single colorway, but adjust the base color lighter and darker. On the Sea Shadows kit, I actually started with an undyed skein of yarn, with the colorway speckles. I really like starting the set so light. So, all the skeins have the same exact speckles, just the base color is a different depth.

So that’s what I did. Two new kits, dyed on STF Birte (DK weight superwash merino, cashmere, and silk), one of my favorite yarns for knitting sweaters. These kits are bot six skeins each, and total 1,650 yards.

I chose two of my newer colors that I’m quite smitten with: Sea Shadows and Crystal Cave.

The fourth skein from the left is the “true” base color in both kits.


Crystal Cave Gradi-Speckle Kit

I was even thinking of going one step darker, and doing a final skein that was basically a super dark, tonal solid. I’m exploring this idea a bit more for something I’m dyeing for a potential new pattern design, so … stay tuned …

I thought six skeins was a good, average number for these kits but I realize this may not be enough yarn for some knitters and for some patterns. Andrea Mowry’s Comfort Fade Cardi, for instance, calls for a whole lot more yardage than this for the larger sizes, although personally I’d shorten that design for myself because sweaters that go down over my butt? No thank you.

Anyway, I have more Birte here and, if you love one of these kits but need more yarn, just email me. I can dye more of any of the colors in the kit so skeins can easily be added anywhere in the gradient.

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And now I really want to finish my current WIP so I can start experimenting with one of these kits!

I’m thinking about doing a kit based on Spectral, too. What other colorways would you like to see dyed like this?

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