Workshops at the Spirit Trail Studio!

I’ve just scheduled some workshops at my studio in Sperryville, VA, and thought I’d post here for any locals, or semi-locals, who might be interested. Upcoming in the months of February, March, and April are silk scarf dyeing and yarn dyeing workshops!


In the silk scarf dyeing workshops, participants will learn the basics of dyeing silk scarves, and will dye two scarves.


In the yarn dyeing workshops, participants will dye three skeins of yarn using three different methods: kettle, hand painting, and speckling. They can be dyed to use in one project, or three separate projects (your choice).

All the workshops are posted on my Eventbrite page, so check them out if you’re interested! My studio partner, Kate, will be holding some printmaking workshops as well, most likely starting in March (she’s a brand new grandmother, so right now it’s all-baby-all-the-time 😀 ).

And, if you’re not local, Sperryville makes a fun overnight or weekend trip; it’s quite the bustling small town these days, all within walking distance. Check out the Visit page on my studio website for more information.

Hope to see some of you here someday!

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