Dyed-to-Order: Chicken Yarn!


The reaction to the Subscriber Color Inspiration yarn I dyed last week has been fabulous.  Thank you! Originally, I thought that this would be a Lucky Pot color, here and gone. Except, I totally forgot I wrote the recipe down! I’m so used to tracking my recipes, I did it out of habit. Which was a lucky circumstance indeed.


Chicken Chicken, dyed on Aurora

Since I found that I actually DID write down the recipe for this colorway, I’ve been rethinking my plans for the Subscriber Color Inspo yarns (yes, it’s definitely a work-in-progress). I’ve decided they’ll be colors in-between my regular, repeating colorways, and the new one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-seen-again Lucky Pots. I’ll do is a special dyed-to-order update for them, once each month. I don’t want to dye “too much” of any of these colors, but I also don’t want to not dye enough. Because, if a person wants yarn, a person should have yarn, amiright?!


Chicken Butt, dyed on Aurora

These Subscriber Inspired colors will have a limited ordering window,  only available for one week after the color is published. Then they truly will be gone forever. Sayonara, baby.


Chicken Wattle, dyed on Aurora

With that being said, dyed-to-order options are now up for this month’s special yarn, which I’ve oh-so-creatively named Chicken Chicken, along with two complimentary colors: Chicken Butt (inspired by the lavender-blue of this chicken’s heiny) and Chicken Wattle (inspired by the red-orange of its facial area). These will be up until February 19, 2018, at 5:00 pm Eastern Time, at which time they’ll be closed and I’ll start dyeing up all your orders. You can order just one skein, or an entire sweater quantity. You decide. (Don’t be alarmed if my shop shows any of the colors as sold out. I’ve enabled the back order option for each of these colors, so orders may be placed for as many as you want of one or all of them.)


Chicken Chicken with it’s complimentary colors, Chicken Wattle (left) and Chicken Butt (right)

This month’s colors will be dyed on Aurora, my fingering weight 100% superwash merino single ply yarn. Future colors may be dyed on additional weights – what do you think about more yarn base options? I could, potentially, dye the special Inspo color on 2 or 3 different bases … maybe … still thinking this through. So any thoughts or opinions you have are very welcome! Leave me a comment if you’d like!

If you’d like to play along, make sure you’r subscribed to my newsletter (there’s a link on the upper right of this blog), and then send me a photo that inspires you before the end of each month. I delete all photos at the end of the month, so you can always send me the same photo again if it’s not selected. And, don’t forget, the person who sends me the photo I choose will get one free skein of their special color!

I hope you enjoy these special colors! Dyed-to-orders are now open, and will close on Monday, February 19, 2018 at 5:00 pm Eastern Time. All orders will ship by March 5, 2018.



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