New Design! Milis Mitts


Milis, now available on Ravelry (perfect photo for St. Patrick’s Day!)

I love fingerless mitts. And I love colorwork. So, this is a match made in heaven.

Milis (which is Irish-Gaelic for “sweet”) is knit in STF Birte, my DK weight superwash Merino, cashmere, and silk blend yarn. Birte is truly next-to-skin soft and luxurious, and they feel FABULOUS on my hands and the more delicate skin of my wrists.

I chose the colors Happy Dance, Good Vibrations, and It’s Not Easy Being Green for my pair (all three colors are in stock). In the depths of winter, a shot of color can be so wonderful. I knew I’d love wearing these bright mitts when it’s cold and dreary outside.


The idea for a new pair of fingerless mitts started percolating in January, while I was designing and knitting Craic. For much of winter in Virginia, full mittens and gloves aren’t really necessary (for me), but fingerless mitts are perfect. They give just that little bit of added warmth and keep the draft off my wrists. Drafts are a funny thing: if my neck and wrists are warm it keeps the cold at bay. Scarves and mitts are my go-to’s for winter.


I wear them while working on the computer (my studio can be chilly!), or knitting while I watch one of my kids sports events, or just tooling around town. I designed Mili slightly longer, so they can be tucked into sweater and jacket sleeves, or even worn with ¾ length sleeves to cover the wrist and forearm area.

Milis can be knit with three colors, as I’ve done with my pair, but can easily be knit with two colors instead. Just knit Color B whenever the pattern calls for Color B or Color C, and you’re all set. If I knit another pair, I could totally see Happy Dance and Good Vibrations (the softer, grayish speckled color on the cuff) together for a more softly contrasted pair.


They don’t use much yarn at all, so they’re perfect for stash busting and using up leftovers from other projects. I was hoping to make up some mitt kits for this pattern, but I Just ran out of time (all that skeining of minis is pretty time consuming). I may try to do some mitt kits in the future, but for now I’m working on a design to use up all or most of the rest of my three skeins, and will publish that in the near future.

Luckily or unluckily, it’s still cold enough in Virginia to wear them. And I know all of my Northern neighbors have enough winter left that this quick little project will still get some use this season. Happy stitching!

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