New Design! Teddy by Jennifer Wood

Teddy, by Jennifer Wood of Woodhouse Knits

Teddy is a new pattern by Jennifer Wood, knit in STF Birte (Jennifer used the colorway “Hermitage”). This design is perfect for tonal solids and softly variegated or speckled colorways, with a few simple cables that won’t get lost in these popular colors. Interesting ribbing at the cuffs and collar adds just enough detail to complement the cables and stockinette body. Easy, modern styling make it the perfect go to pullover.

Boxy with more fitted sleeves, Teddy is contemporary and modern

Teddy is a relaxed yet elegant drop-shoulder pullover constructed and knit seamlessly from the top down (gotta love those seamless designs!). The back and front are are worked separately down to the underarm, where they are joined and the body is worked down to the ribbed hem. Stitches are then picked up around the armholes to work the sleeves.

I love this photo of Jennifer

Since Teddy  is knit from the top down with no waist shaping, it’s easy to adjust the length of the body and sleeves to suit your personal preferences.


I’ve knit a few of Jennifer’s designs over the past few years, most notably Lucille and Vivian. They’re well written, tech edited, and test knit, and are just a pleasure to knit and wear. It’s not hard to imagine how comfortable and luxurious Teddy is knit in Birte!

Teddy is available on Ravelry

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