New Design! Moonshadow Mitts by Julie Hart


Julie Hart recently published this lovely pattern, Moonshadow Mitts, knit in STF Birte in the “Alpine” colorway.

Julie describes her pattern as: “The middle of the night may reveal rarely seen beauty. At the right moment, the darkest hours can show us the full moon working magic with the winter aspen tree on the crystalline snow. The Moonshadow Mitts have a stylized winter tree surrounding the thumb gusset – the moon pattern on the back of the hand and a mirror image shadow on the palm create a gentle curve on the cuff. Rib on the underside of the hand creates a stretchy flexible fit. Wear these stylish mitts all the time. They give you access to touchscreen, keyboard and steering wheel.”

I love fingerless mitts for just those reasons – I can wear them and do lots of things without having to take them off. The weather in Virginia is nearly always conducive to fingerless mitts; it’s not so cold that I need full-hand coverage.

I love the details of Julie’s mitts, especially that little scallop at the cuff. Something about that just gets me every time I look at them.


When we were conversing about the yarn and the design, Julie mentioned that she likes my speckled yarn because the speckles are delicate, and don’t detract from the stitch pattern, or make it hard to see. Which was great to hear, because that’s my goal with most of the speckled yarns I dye: I want them to be delicate and subdued, so they add depth to handknits. So they accentuate, without stealing the show.


It’s always my goal that my yarns will make handknit projects shine – that they’ll add to the wonderful qualities of a pattern, and the workmanship of a knitter or crocheter. I want my yarns to be the subtle backdrop for your handiwork, the detail that makes a project a show-stopper, but never a prima donna scene-stealer. 🙂 It’s nice to hear that, at least some of the time, I succeed with my goal.

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