New Design! Meet Stream of Consciousness

This summer has been a giant heap of crazy for me. If you’re a subscriber to my newsletter, you’ll know both my kids are heading away to college this week (my son to JMU, as an incoming Junior, and my daughter to Duke), my husband and I are in the process of splitting up, and I’m not yet sure where I’ll be come 2019. So, big changes! It’s all scary-sad-exhausting-exhilarating. Such a gamut of emotions going on over here these days.


There were times this summer when I was so frazzled and exhausted, I couldn’t even knit. When I did, I needed something relaxing and uncomplicated, something that would keep my hands busy while my brain could do it’s own thing. This scarf is the result, so I’ve aptly named it Stream of Consciousness.


Stream of Consciousness is designed in sections of garter stitch and striped garter stitch, with sections of textured stitches mixed in. It’s knit on the diagonal, so the only “hard” part is remembering to increase on one side and decrease on the other, every other row. And pay a little bit more attention in the textured stitch portions.

I’ll admit I even messed that up here and there. Forgot to increase or decrease, knit too many rows of one color here and there …


But it’s a forgiving design, so I just adjusted and kept going. There are even a few places in my scarf where I didn’t follow the pattern, but the beauty of this pattern is that it doesn’t really matter.

Stream of Consciousness is all about having fun. Knit too many rows in a section? It’s no big deal, just keep on going. Switch sections up if there are some you like more than others, and knit until you run out of yarn. Use one, two, three, four, or even more colors! Use up all your leftover scraps! Leave sections out to make it shorter if the length is longer than you like. Swap out the DK for fingering weight for a lighter weight scarf, or choose worsted or bulky to knit a more substantial shawl (just be aware yardage requirements will change if substituting yarn).


Can I just say, good grief, I’m going to miss seeing this face every day. We’re off to Duke tomorrow.

This design is meant to be a starting point for your own unique accessory. You can even leave the end a diagonal for a different look, and not worry about the final decrease section. It’s all about having fun with your knitting, relaxing, and putting your own unique spin on it.

I think it’s a perfect pattern for knitting while watching kids’ Fall sports, play practices, and other activities. Also perfect for watching TV or any activity where your attention is split, and you don’t want to be knitting something you need to be constantly looking at or checking. And it’s definitely perfect for when you want to be knitting something, but you don’t have the bandwidth to give it enough attention. With all the complications in life these days, I’m all about comfort knitting.

And, of course, I’ve dyed up a bunch of Andromeda so you can knit your own. As designed, it takes two skeins each of two colors, but I’d love to see it knit in four colors, or with all kinds of leftover scraps. So many options for this pattern; you’re imagination is the limit.

When you’re done, you’ve knit yourself a soft, cozy, warm hug.



8 thoughts on “New Design! Meet Stream of Consciousness

  1. Busy is good; it lets you focus on what you’re doing for a while….and what you create is beautiful! Prayers with you as you begin a new chapter…..

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  2. The pattern is lovely, as is your wonderful daughter! Best wishes for navigating the changes in your life… it can sometimes be an interesting adventure! We are here for you!

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