Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! and a NYSW Preview

First, a preview of just a few of the new colors coming with me to the New York Sheep & Wool Festival (and many of them will be available in future online updates):

Clockwise from upper left: Sweet Coral; Last Light of Day; Radagast; Nightshade; Ladies of the Canyon; Peaceful, Easy Feeling; Wild Mushroom; Crazy Little Thing Called Love; Camelicious; Crystal Ice

I have a lot of other new colors, but I’ve run out of time to get them photographed! I’m bringing a ton of yarn, in lots of bases – everything from laceweight to super bulky: Nona, Philomena, Aurora, Sunna, Selene, Birte, Andromeda, Luna, Verdande, and Zaftig. I’m also bringing, for the first time, mini-skeins of Philomena which will be available for purchase in a few gradient kits and lots of single skeins so you can pick your own. Here’s a peek at some of the individual mini-skeins:


I’m also bringing my adorable logo camp mugs, gleener tools, and fun temporary tattoos:

Enamel logo mug (front and back); temporary tattoo

And, as I had last year, a special set of NYSW stitch markers from Katy at Katrinkles. I just love her work!


I’ll also have lots of new handknit samples to fuel your inspiration, including TanisKnits’ Charlotte’s Web Mittens, Debra Gerhard’s Sinistram, and Valerie Hobbs’ Hillside Cardigan:

In other news, my life has been going through some major changes this year. Both my kids headed off to college this Fall – my daughter, Caragh, is now a Freshman at Duke University, and my son, Jackson, is a Junior at James Madison University (they’re both doing so well, and absolutely LOVE where they are and what they’re doing). Additionally, and an even bigger change, my husband and I are in the process of splitting up. Our divorce will be final in December.

I’ve spent the last 10 months thinking (ad nauseum some days) about my life, my future, and all that goes along with being on my own for the first time in more than 22 years. It’s been a bit stressful, to say the least. I have an opportunity to move quite far from where I’ve lived on the East Coast my whole life. As much as I’d hoped I’d be making a big announcement about it now, I can’t reveal full details yet as it hit a slight snag last week. I hope that this opportunity will in fact become a reality, and I’m really excited to tell you all about it as soon as I can. One detail I’ve come to realize over the course of this year is that no matter where I end up, I simply can’t afford a house payment and a separate studio payment. So in addition to moving out of my home, I’ll also be moving out of my current studio space in December.

My relocation is not going to be an inexpensive endeavor. I’m not ruling out holding a special Kickstarter campaign, but I’ve realized that’s not the best plan until I know for sure where I’ll be going and what the actual costs will be to relocate and get my studio set up.

What I’m going to do now is to offer some specials and discounts over the course of NYSW weekend, in hopes that you’ll support me and Spirit Trail Fiberworks by purchasing something from me at the Festival.

Here’s the run down (and these will all be posted in my booth, too):

Saturday, October 20:

9:00 am to approximately 1:00 pm (while supplies last):
—  a free temporary tattoo with purchase of $50.00 or more
—  your choice of a free tattoo or fun STF logo enamel camping mug with purchase of $150 or more
—  your choice of a free tattoo, logo mug, or Gleener de-piller with a purchase of $250 or more.

1:00 – 5:00 pm (closing):
5% off purchases of $50 or more
10% off purchases of $100 or more
15% off purchases of $250 or more

Sunday, October 21:

9:00 – 1:00 pm: 15% off all yarn in the booth; no minimum purchase required.
1:00 – 4:00 pm (closing): 25% off all yarn in the booth; no minimum purchase required.

Of course, the earlier you come to shop, the more selection there will be!

With everything so up in the air, this may or may not be my last year vending at the New York Sheep & Wool Festival. I know it will be my last with my current booth set up (I may go back to a single booth rather than a double, and a different overall booth set-up, but everything is too up in the air right now to say for sure what 2019 will bring).

I made the decision last month that I will no longer be vending at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival and, while I’d absolutely love to continue vending at NY, I won’t know until my future plans and move are finalized to say one way or the other.

So, I hope you’ll come see me at the Festival if you can, and support me and Spirit Trail Fiberworks if you find something you love!

44 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! and a NYSW Preview

  1. There’s such a wealth of fiber art here in New Mexico. Do you think you might host workshops at the ranch? It’s exciting to see new fiber artists migrating here. Good luck!

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    • You are so right. And yes, I’m definitely considering some workshops and retreats! It’s the perfect place to unwind, and I keep envisioning the place full of knitters, knitting and relaxing and hiking and watching the sunrise and sunset. So, definitely in my thoughts as I move forward!


  2. Oh Jen, I’m so sorry to hear about your tumultuous life these past months. But there IS life after divorce! 😉 I wish you the best! I won’t be at RB this year and will miss you and Martha and the girls. Give them a hug from me!

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  3. Jen, I’m so sorry about your trials and happy for the things that are bringing you joy. Transition is never easy, but you are a strong, resourceful and talented woman. I’m confident that you’ll be fabulously successful in your future plans. Won’t be at Rhinebeck (still hobbling on that broken foot), but hopefully can come out for a studio visit while the studio is still there! Best of luck this weekend and always! ♥️

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  4. I can’t make Rhinebeck this year; very disappointed to miss the opportunity of meeting you in person and luxuriating in your yarns. Your new colors are stunning! I look forward to shopping them on line.
    Best wishes as you deliberate the choices that lie before you.

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  5. Jen, you rock the whole world! Good for you for taking life by the horns. We are all rooting for you and will support you and your amazing work regardless of which adventure you choose. xoxox

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  6. Sending positives thoughts your way. I didn’t attend NYSW last year and am not this year so I am so sorry I won’t be able to stop by the booth. I first found you at Mass Sheet and Wool many years ago. I met Shelia at a Spinning Guild meeting and after she moved away I always stopped by your booth to say hi to both of you. Best of Luck in the future.

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  7. This will be my first Rhinebeck. I was already planning on coming by to buy some of your fabulous yarn. But your strength and courage about ‘leaping into the deep end’ with a big change is inspiring, and I will make sure I come do my part to help with your endeavor!

    Wherever you land, I am sure you will succeed in pursuing your passion and exploring new horizons!

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  8. I’m super sad that I won’t be making it to Rhinebeck this year and I won’t be seeing you at Maryland. I am, however, very excited for you and your changes ahead. I’m hoping for a great, easy move for you and wishing you all the best. xox

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  9. Life is never easy but we must make choices that speak to our hearts and spirits not to mention our souls. You will continue to be the amazing person you are no matter where you will be. I hope you find a wonderful opportunity that opens many fabulous doors. And that you find peace & serenity in your new life. Love & hugs from your huge fan in New Brunswick Canada. Cheers! Kathy

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    • Yay! You’re in for a fabulous weekend! Hope to meet you at the Festival (we’re in Building A, which is over in the lower fairgrounds, near most of the food vendors).


  10. Best of luck at NYSW! I wish I could be there to pick up some of that gorgeous Last Light of Day. Maybe I can get some after the show!

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  11. Sorry to not be attending Rhinebeck this year. No one has yarn as beautiful as yours. One thing I’ve discovered in my life is that I have to keep moving forward. My best wishes as you prepare for your next chapter. Sounds like it could be a great one!!

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  12. I’m sorry to hear about your divorce – sending positive vibes and sincere wishes that all these changes are putting you on a path to happiness. As Jason Mraz says, “May the best of your today’s be the worst of your tomorrows!” I’m so happy to hear that STF is still a part of your future plans. These new colors are simply gorgeous and I can’t wait to see what other changes are in store!

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  13. Jenn, I know how difficult this all must be for you having gone through a divorse myself. We’re all here for you and I can’t wait to “support” you at NYSW this year. 😉 Life is full of new adventures and I’ve always found the most scary changes to lead to the best opportunities. Wishing the very best to you and your whole family during this time.

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    • Thanks so very much, Amy!! My thoughts exactly – I realized fear is definitely not a good reason not to do something! Can’t wait to see you in NY!


  14. Well you know I’m totally in your court, no matter where you go or what you do! HOWEVER, I am deeply disappointed that you won’t be at Maryland Sheep & Wool this year as I’m going for the first time, and SO hoped to meet you in person! DARN! You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, though, and I totally get it. I love the new colors of yarn. Will they be up on your site for those of us who can’t be at NYSW?

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  15. The new colors are lovely and love that you’ll be offering minis. We will miss you at MSW but look forward to hearing your news as it comes. Best Wishes!

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  16. Jennifer, Just remember when a door closes–a window opens.   May this time at Rhinebeck be your most successful!  Best of Luck!!   Thanks, Sheryl E Dial

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