May Subscriber Inspiration Colorways!

This month’s colorways are based on a photo of a tile newsletter subscriber Cindy received, which is a beautiful mix of colors. It immediately fueled my imagination on all the different colorways I could create:


I’m so happy with how this month’s colorways turned out, because I think I really nailed those tile colors :-D. All four of them work well together for colorwork, and of course individually.

Bright magenta/purple is “Create Your Self,” Soft Gray with a tinge of pale pink here and there is “Infinite Possibilities,” rich royal blue is “You Only Live Once,” and a pretty speckle of pinks, blues, grays along with some of the yellows and oranges in the tile is “Imagine It Real.”

All four are available for pre-order from now through May 26, or while supplies last. All orders will ship out by no later than the week of June 24, 2019.

You have your choice of two bases this month: Birte, DK weight superwash Merino, Cashmere, and Silk, and Verdande, Worsted weight of the same blend. Be sure to choose the correct base from the drop-down menu on each product page.

Patterns I love for Birte: SoldotnaThe Purl CodeAnker’s Summer Shirt,CampsideCopenhagen CallingPop Crop CardiBeathaMilis MittsThe Rain OutsideBaby Cables and Big Ones, TooPanierStream of Consciousness.

Patterns I love for Verdande: The WeekenderHumulusCitrineHipster Shawl,LilletVancouver FogSinistramStream of ConsciousnessVeronika Cardigan,KoivuaJust Enough Ruffles.

What would you knit?

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