Final Shop Update is Live!

Just a quick note to let you all know the final shop update at Spirit Trail Fiberworks is now live (and going fast!).

I plan to start shipping orders the week of August 19, so I’ll combine orders whenever possible and refund any shipping overcharges. If I’ve already shipped your previous orders, of course this won’t be possible. But because I already have a load of orders to ship, I’m estimating my shipping turn around is going to be longer than usual and more like 7-10 business days.

While supplies last, I have some goodies to include in orders over $200.00. Some fun stuff I know you guys will like so the earlier you order, the more chance you’ll get a little surprise (and the better selection of yarns will be there).

I am now officially out of the dye business. Another dyer purchased basically my entire set up, drove to my studio from Tennessee and picked it all up yesterday. Can you believe that she drove all that way?! In her defense, she’s from Texas and added a trip to me into a trip home to see her family (though I was definitely not on the way). I am so happy – I was able to help another dyer ramp up her business, and she helped me out by taking it all. I was really concerned I might have to take much of it to the dump, so I’m super happy I didn’t have to do that. I hope some dyeing mojo went along with it back to her studio.

So, this is it! Everything is dyed and up in my shop. I can’t even dye more if I wanted to :-).

In other news, I’m happy to report that I’ll be staying in New Mexico! I’m really quite happy about this; it’s a good thing for not only myself but this ranch. Having someone living here has been beneficial on several levels, and I’m so pleased to be staying and continuing to help my brother and sister-in-law care for this wonderful place. And, of course, it’s on Airbnb so if you ever want a vacation in a truly gorgeous place, look me up and come stay at Sapillo Creek Escape! It would be a perfect get away for a group of knitting friends, too (just saying 😀 ).

I’m starting a new, part time remote job next week, and excited about that as well as having time to paint and pursue some other work. I’ll be posting here now and then (when I have a new pattern design come out, or just to check in and update you all on what’s going on here at the Adobe Abode (my daughter coined that 😀 ) and in my life.

Thanks again (I really can’t say that enough to encompass how thankful I am) for a fantastic 18 years of playing with color, yarn, and having the great good fortune to meet you! xoxoxo


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