And we’re done …

The last yarns have been packed, and the last orders have been shipped. My studio set up has been sold and is now, I hope, bringing good juju to a newer dyer. I’m still ignoring the empty area where it used to be, but it feels really good knowing someone else is making good use of all of it.

Thanks to each and every one of you who placed an order in my final shop update; I appreciate it so very much. I admit I had some panic attacks over the amount of yarn I had dyed for this final update. Nightmares that nobody bought any, and I had nearly 800 skeins of yarn to deal with – rather silly, but those late hours at night play tricks on you, right? It’s no fun at all waking up in the middle of the night to THAT, let me tell you.

But you all came through this one last time, and I’m once again – as always – honored knowing that a small part of me has been invited into each of your homes and imaginations, when you’ve purchased my yarns to create your own personal masterpieces. Thank you so very much for that honor and the joy I’ve received from it over so many years. As always, I can’t wait to see what you make. And, as always, absolutely no pressure! My stash is ridiculous, too, haha.

What’s next? I’ll be hanging out in my Ravelry Group, knitting along with everyone else. I’ll still be on Instagram, and on Facebook in my Group, posting about my knitting, upcoming designs, the beautiful area where I live in NM, and whatever else strikes my fancy. And I’m sure I’ll pop in here now and then to post about what I’m knitting, and life in general. Writing has always been my thing, too.

And I’ll be painting more. My love of color has never been restricted to yarn. It started long before that first dye workshop, way back in elementary school when I got my first set of paints and colored pencils. It came along with me through high school and college, and really only fell silent after I graduated and started working full time. And then life does what it does, and 30 years had passed since I’d picked up a paint brush. I started painting again a few years back and if you’re interested, you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook for my painting. And I have a newsletter for that, too, if you’re interested in hearing about new collections, shows, and possibly some workshops.

I started some new, part-time, remote consulting work for a nonprofit in the DC area a few weeks ago, and I’m glad to have the work and a bit of steady income coming in as I work through all these transitions and evolutions.

And finally, while I’m still pretty scared about all the unknowns, I’m more excited than scared of change, and all that accompanies it.

I look forward to keeping in touch with all of you online and, if I’m really lucky, some of  you in person, too.

Happy Stitching!


14 thoughts on “And we’re done …

  1. I was looking at a tapestry I did with your yarn a few years back and was wondering where you are now and found this post from a few weeks back. I still have some of your yarn and am inspired to do another piece on the theme of transitions. (Something that is happening in my life also). Thanks for your beautiful work and best wishes on your journey. Deborah

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  2. Best of luck! My yarn arrived and I love it. I also have a stash of yarn and it will bring a smile when I knit it. I will continue to follow along on all you do. Your scenery shots and the humingbirds are so cool to see. Will enjoy seeing more of your painting if you share it.

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  3. I’m so glad you can focus on your painting. Creativity in any form is growth. And I’m glad you can stay put for a while, too. Life as a nomad is no fun. (Don’t ask) All that hustle gets in the way of the creative process.

    I have an amazingly huge tub of STF yarn, including what I’ve spun. I have always hoarded that for myself, never using it for gifts. Very precious.

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  4. Thank YOU for the gift of such lovely fiber to weave into our lives. Good luck with your new endeavors, and I will definitely still see you around the interwebs. 🙂

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  5. I second the above, Jennifer. I wish you well, value even more the yarn I have from Spirit Trail, but will really miss your inspirations. I hope you sold all your yarn! I tried to see if any was left but it didn’t look like it. I look forward to seeing your posts and what you’re up to. Peace always …

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  6. I was so glad you were staying “put” for the present. The photos you have posted have been breathtaking! It just seemed the perfect place for you w/your love of color. While I am sad you have ended your yarn business, I am so very thankful for the stash I have built up over the years I have been buying Spirittrail yarns! I treasure each and every skein.

    I wish you much joy and many blessings for the days ahead! Judy

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    1. Well, I wish you all the best! Don’t know how I missed that you were closing your fiber studio, but… I know it will all work ot for you!
      New Mexico is inspiring ~ paint away! Oils? That’s my painting habit, although I recently picked up a bunch of watercolors – why not!?! Take care ~

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      1. Thanks, Lannie. Yes, the internet is a fickle thing – it always seems to show me what I don’t want to see, and I miss what I do! I’m working in open acrylics these days; I worked in oils years ago and decided to switch it up. I like acrylics – they’re so easy! And the open acrylics stay wet longer than regular acrylics, so they’re a bit of a happy medium between the two. Watercolors are so hard! My Dad is fantastic with watercolors (I have two of his paintings hanging in my bedroom), but that’s not a medium I had much success with. I hope you enjoy them!


    2. Thanks, Judy! I am really happy to be staying here as well. It is so incredibly beautiful; I’ve started to get to know some people, and have joined the local art association. And I’m happy to be staying at the ranch so someone is here to watch over it and make sure all is well. Thanks for all your good wishes! xoxo


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