Color Inspiration Thursday: Sandstone


Sandstone is a new colorway I created after a recent visit to New Mexico. All but the upper left inspiration photos were taken on my trip; most at or near the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument.

Visiting ancient cliff dwellings has been an item on my bucket list since high school. I don’t even remember when or where I saw my first photo of the Mesa Verde cliff dwellings, but it began a fascination with these ancient dwellings that I still feel today. It was awesome to see and walk the cliff dwellings in the Gila, but they’re much smaller than Mesa Verde, so they succeeded in giving me a small taste of what how truly amazing these dwellings are (and, more importantly, the people who built them) … which only served to  my dream of seeing the dwellings at Mesa Verde. I’ll get there someday!


Anyway. As often happens with me, I came away from my trip to New Mexico with impressions of all the new colors I experienced percolating in my brain. Some were fairly specific, others really quite fuzzy. Sandstone is the first result from this trip, and for this colorway, I wanted to create a neutral with hints and pops of the desert colors around the cliffs. Sandstone is created by first dyeing a soft tan base color, and then speckling it with desert golds, tans, oranges, soft greens, and perhaps little bits of charcoal here and there.

Of course, I had to dye some new colors to go with it …

Elder Wood, Sandstone, and Autumn Sunset dyed on STF Aurora
Hermitage, Sandstone, and Teal Whisper (my new favorite blue!) dyed on STF Aurora

Sandstone looks great with Bog Cherry (Bog Cherry, Sandstone, and Autumn Sunset? Yes, please!) and a whole bunch of Lucky Pots I dyed as well, but I didn’t get photos of them before they got packed away for MDSW.

Another new colorway that’s similar to Sandstone (and would look great with it for a subtle contrast), is Fools Gold. This one is nearly the same speckles as Sandstone, but starting on a white base instead of tan.

It’s also just a little bit sea-shell-colored 🙂

What do you think? If you’re not headed to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, would you like to see Sandstone in my next online shop update?





Color Inspiration Thursday: Sari


Just out of the dyepots: Sari, dyed on STF Sunna. This delicate, pretty colorway will make its debut at the 2018 Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, along with several other new colorways and a slew of one-of-a-kind Lucky Pots.

I love the delicate salmon, pink and taupe with brown and charcoal speckles. And these speckles are just my speed, too: they’re not too brash, or too big, or too overpowering. They’ll add depth to your project without stealing the show. The right kind of speckle, if you ask me :-).

And here’s Sari with a couple of the Lucky Pots coming with me to MDSW:

These colors. I want to keep them all (don’t worry, I won’t 😉 ). Like a blend of chocolate, truffles, strawberry sauce and cream.


That one on top. It’s just adorable.

This is the first of many sneak peeks into what’s coming to MDSW with me (at least some of which will be up online once I get back). Hope to see you at the Festival!