May Subscriber Inspiration Colorways!

This month’s colorways are based on a photo of a tile newsletter subscriber Cindy received, which is a beautiful mix of colors. It immediately fueled my imagination on all the different colorways I could create:


I’m so happy with how this month’s colorways turned out, because I think I really nailed those tile colors :-D. All four of them work well together for colorwork, and of course individually.

Bright magenta/purple is “Create Your Self,” Soft Gray with a tinge of pale pink here and there is “Infinite Possibilities,” rich royal blue is “You Only Live Once,” and a pretty speckle of pinks, blues, grays along with some of the yellows and oranges in the tile is “Imagine It Real.”

All four are available for pre-order from now through May 26, or while supplies last. All orders will ship out by no later than the week of June 24, 2019.

You have your choice of two bases this month: Birte, DK weight superwash Merino, Cashmere, and Silk, and Verdande, Worsted weight of the same blend. Be sure to choose the correct base from the drop-down menu on each product page.

Patterns I love for Birte: SoldotnaThe Purl CodeAnker’s Summer Shirt,CampsideCopenhagen CallingPop Crop CardiBeathaMilis MittsThe Rain OutsideBaby Cables and Big Ones, TooPanierStream of Consciousness.

Patterns I love for Verdande: The WeekenderHumulusCitrineHipster Shawl,LilletVancouver FogSinistramStream of ConsciousnessVeronika Cardigan,KoivuaJust Enough Ruffles.

What would you knit?

New! Shop by Color at Spirit Trail!


Peaceful, Easy Feeling on STF Zaftig

Welcome to the new Spirit Trail Fiberworks website! On first glance, it may look the same, and it’s not really “new,” but I’ve simplified and expanded the site at the same time. Gone are the individual yarn base pages, and needing to scroll through pages to find colors and figure out if the color you want is in stock on the base you want. In their place are three new pages: Shop by ColorYarn Base Information, and Special Shop Updates.

Shop by Color is just that: a slew of my most popular repeatable colorways available to order on any base, in any quantity. Want a sweater quantity of Sunna in Crystal Cave? You got it. Want one skein of 5 different colors for a major colorwork project? You can order those, too. Place the order, and I’ll dye it up for you. Need help figuring out colors for a project? I love putting together color combos for people, so just shoot me an email (you can use the “Contact Me” button on the bottom left of my site, or email me at

Each color page includes a synopsis of my yarn bases by weight, including skein size and yardage, under the order area (scroll down and they’re on the right column). Choose the base you want to order from the drop-down menu.

Yarn Base Information includes all the information about each yarn base, organized by weight and including yardage and skein sizes, gauge recommendations, and price. All on one page so hopefully it’s easier to find what you’re looking for.

Special Shop Updates is where I’ll be posting … well, Special Shop Updates! Part of my “new” plan is to have two shop updates each month – one for Subscriber Color Inspirations (keep sending me those photos! this is one of my favorite things to do), which will be limited edition, dyed-to-order colors. Subscriber Inspirations will be available on at least two yarn bases each month.

A second, and new, shop update will be ready-to-ship Lucky Pot colors. These are the non-repeating one-of-a-kind colors that I just love to dye; it’s all about me getting creative in a spontaneous way, not writing anything down and giving myself the freedom to play with color. I plan to start out the Lucky Pot updates on one or two yarn bases, with sweater quantities of some colors, and kits (fade, colorwork, etc) available as well. I have so much fun dyeing these, and you know, once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Lucky Pot updates may also include new repeating colorways I create; I haven’t quite worked out how to introduce these into the mix yet.


It’s taken me quite some time (longer than I expected) to really feel like I’m getting my ducks in a row and figuring out how to run my business subsequent to all changes in my life since last year. The biggest hurdle for me was figuring out exactly HOW I was going to move forward, now that over half of each year is no longer consumed in preparing for the Maryland Sheep & Wool and New York Sheep & Wool Festivals.

It’s all very different now. No big shows (no shows at all, actually) means I no longer need to have gigantic quantities of inventory ready to go. It also means that a large percentage of my income each year is no longer coming in, so I no longer have the wherewithal to keep a ton of already-dyed inventory in stock. I have to work leaner.

Honestly, I’ve been overwhelmed to the point of near paralysis trying to figure out how to move forward. And I should have figured it out before APRIL, for crying out loud! w that I’ve figured it out, it’s really not that difficult, or that complicated. But so far, everything seems to be taking me longer these days. Hopefully that will pass, because it’s really aggravating. Not to mention stressful.

My “plan” (it’s still a bit loose as I work through scheduling, and doing everything where I used to have regular help in my studio) is for Subscriber Color Inspirations to come out around mid-month, and Lucky Pot updates around the end of the month. As I get more efficient at working on my own, I hope to have actual set dates for these updates. But I’m not there, yet.

I’ve also included a whole lot of colorways, and every single base I currently dye, on the Shop by Color page. 64 colorways available on 14 different bases. Depending on how things go, I’ll either leave them all up or slim down both down a bit. It’s all still fluid, and I welcome any thoughts, suggestions, or comments you may have!

So, if you’ve been waiting for me to update my shop and get moving already, you should find the colors you’re interested in on the Shop by Color page. I’ve included all the colorways you’ve emailed me about on this page but, if you look and don’t see the one you want, let me know and I’ll add it! Like I said, fluid!

I’m currently working on a Lucky Pot shop update for the end of April – well, it may now actually go up at the beginning of May since it’s April 29 and I still have to photograph everything, edit those photos, and load them! If you want advanced notice of when these updates are live, sign up for my newsletter on the upper right; I’ll be sending an email out to my subscribers before I announce the update on social media.

Thanks for your support, and your patience, as I’ve taken more than enough time to get myself in a new groove! I hope you’ll take a look around, place an order if you find something you like, and let me know what you think of these changes!