MDSW Sneak Peek!

Above: a *very* little bit of the Birte coming to MDSW

Above: a smattering of Aurora coming to MDSW (lots more than this, but at least I got more photos of this base!)

A very tiny bit of the Selene coming to MDSW

Just some of the Sunna coming to MDSW (again, not so great on the photos!)

I didn’t get photos of everything (obviously), and some yarns I somehow didn’t get ANY photos of – Luna, Verdande, Nona, Andromeda … and it’s all packed and ready to head out tomorrow. So, if you’re coming to MDSW, there’s lots more to see! If you’re not coming to MDSW, stay tuned because I’ll be scheduling an online shop update just as soon as I can!

Lots of new repeating colorways are headed to MDSW, as well as loads of Lucky Pots. I have so much fun with these Lucky Pot colors, and oftentimes I really wish I’d written down the recipe and the instructions. They’re so good, and I love them so much, I wish I could make certain colors again. But that would defeat the intention of them, which is fresh, spontaneous creation. A potter friend, Del, once told me: “You only create something once. After that, it’s production.” For artists, no matter what the medium, creation and production can at times really be at odds with each other. It’s sometimes easy to get into a “rut” of reproducing the same thing over and over again, no matter how beautiful or popular these items might be. My friend Del, an incredibly talented potter, built himself a salt-fired kiln to force himself out of production, which was, of course, a huge, necessary, and integral part of his business. It made him switch gears and get into that truly creative space, with no concern about being able to do the same thing again, because he could not predict or fully control the results of these salt firings. I’ve always remembered his words, how excited he was about his salt-fired pieces, and how truly amazing this work was. And I realized that I was in the same place in my own creativity: creating repeating colorways is necessary and integral to my business. But, I create it once, and then it’s production. I needed to do something that was completely spontaneous and unreproducible. This truly creative process is freeing, and it’s also amazing how it spills over into everything else I do.

That’s a long explanation for what and how my Lucky Pots came to be. I hope if you’re coming to MDSW, you’ll swing by my booth and check them out! I have lots of them dyed on very base!

Fun swag – special MDSW-themed stitch markers from Katrinkles (quantities limited!), and my fun new enamel camp mug (quantities also limited, but I have more of these 🙂 ). Both are $12.00 each. And, I’ll have Gleener wool de-pillers, too (my favorite tool for cleaning up my handknits!).

I’ll also have lots of new booth samples for you to check out, for inspiration!

Hope to see you at MDSW and, if not, I’ll be back online soon!

Color Inspiration Thursday: Sari


Just out of the dyepots: Sari, dyed on STF Sunna. This delicate, pretty colorway will make its debut at the 2018 Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, along with several other new colorways and a slew of one-of-a-kind Lucky Pots.

I love the delicate salmon, pink and taupe with brown and charcoal speckles. And these speckles are just my speed, too: they’re not too brash, or too big, or too overpowering. They’ll add depth to your project without stealing the show. The right kind of speckle, if you ask me :-).

And here’s Sari with a couple of the Lucky Pots coming with me to MDSW:

These colors. I want to keep them all (don’t worry, I won’t 😉 ). Like a blend of chocolate, truffles, strawberry sauce and cream.


That one on top. It’s just adorable.

This is the first of many sneak peeks into what’s coming to MDSW with me (at least some of which will be up online once I get back). Hope to see you at the Festival!