Color Inspiration Thursday: Ashes and Embers


I’ve always loved the colors gray and red together. Red is such a great contrast color for any kind of gray ~ light, deep, charcoal, black.

You know I’ve been having fun with speckles, and experimenting with different dye methods even within the speckling realm. This is another of those experiments: softly variegated base color with just one color speckled on (or two, this is actually a deep red and a brighter red in combination).

I love this so much, I can’t even tell you. It’s deep, and spooky, and elegant all at the same time. This photo is of Embers and Ashes dyed on Verdande, and oh, boy, it’s even more fabulous in person. It will make its debut at the New York Sheep & Wool Festival, and I know it’s going to be a colorway staple for me for a long time to come. So, look for it online after the Festival! On it’s own for sure, and most likely with a whole kit designed around it. I love it that much.


Damon from Vampire Diaries is a little bonus. He popped up in my photo search. He’s such an adorable bad-guy-turned-good-guy-but-is-he-really? character. He was my favorite part of The Vampire Diaries (Yes, I admit it. The Vampire Diaries is one of my dirty little secrets. I loved that show, and True Blood, too). This colorway feels a little bit Halloween-y, a little bit vampire-y, and a whole lot elegant and classy.


Color Inspiration Thursday: Painted Hills


This colorway was a collaboration with knitwear designer Emily Connell, who emailed me a few months back about creating a colorway for a design idea she had.

She gave me a description and colors for what she was envisioning, and I went searching for images that might include these (it helps if I have a picture in my head when I’m working on a colorway).

What I found were images of several different geological formations, the first being the Painted Hills in Oregon. These rocky formations and fossil beds are surreal: reds, blues, burnt oranges, and even purples, on a tan-golden surface. I sent Emily some photos to look over, and it was just what she was thinking.

So, this colorway takes its inspiration from these amazing formations. The Painted Hills, Grand Canyon, and Monument Valley in the US, and further afield, the Rainbow Mountains of the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in Gansu , China. I took some artistic license, of course, warming up the background and playing around with the colors a bit. I really like the result, and I absolutely love how it looks knit up.


Emily has finished her design, and it’s a gorgeous brioche pullover. I’ll have the sample on display at the New York Sheep & Wool Festival (as well as Painted Hills on every yarn base I can manage to get it dyed on 🙂 ). This colorway will be available online thereafter!