New Design! Téamh Hat

Meet Téamh, my new hat design!


Téamh is Irish Gaelic for “warmth,” and this hat, with its deep brim, cables and garter texture, is sure to warm the wearer.

This pattern includes a deep ribbed brim and an easy four-row stitch pattern for the body. Knit it longer for a deeper brim and more ear coverage, or a bit shorter for more of a beanie style.


Téamh is knit in Spirit Trail Fiberworks 100% non-shrink organic wool worsted weight base, Luna, in my “Sea Shadows” colorway, which is currently out of stock but there are lots of other great colors in stock. This pattern will also work in STF Verdande, for a super-soft, super-luxurious option!

Luna is really fabulous; I love working with it, and this one-skein project is the perfect opportunity to give this new base a try. It’s been processed organically, from muesling-free, organically-raised sheep on the farm through processing at the mill. It’s machine washable, but because it’s “superwashed” with a GOTS-certified organic process that uses neither acids to strip the follicles from the fibers, or polymers to coat them, it’s not called “superwash.” Because of the special non-shrink process, it still feels like wool, too. I still recommend handwashing this yarn, or machine washing on gentle, and laying flat to dry whenever possible.


My rockstar cutie pie, Caragh 😀

Téamh is now available on Ravelry! Newsletter subscribers will be receiving my January newsletter a bit later today (January 12, 2018), which includes a coupon code to get Téamh free! If you’re not yet subscribed, you can subscribe here. I have some fun things planned for 2018, which are all outlined in this month’s newsletter!

If you like it, head on over to Ravelry and add it to your favorites, library and/ or your queue; this will help get it in front of more people! 😀

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Happy Knitting!




Clockwise from Upper Left: Skógafjall, by Dianna Walla; Zona, by Shellie Anderson; Vintersol, by Jennifer Steinglass; The Weekender, by Andrea Mowry; Humulus, by Isabell Kraemer; Comfort Fade Cardi, by Andrea Mowry,;Mîlêt, by Ysolda Teague; Archer, by Elizabeth Doherty

It’s the start of a new year, so it’s time to think about patterns I love, that I’d like to knit in 2018. Above are my #2018MakeNine, but there are only 8 because I have some ideas for sweaters and accessories I plan to design and publish. So I left one square blank for that (hoping to get more than one done, but … time flies and all that).

I’d be remiss if I didn’t admit: I did not knit one of the items on my 2017 Knitting Goals list. I’d like to knit most of the patterns on my 2017 list, too. (Ha! I need 4 hands and a Harry Potter Time Twister. Sigh.) Realistically I won’t get all (or even most) of the above designs knit in 2018. But they’re all so beautiful; hope springs eternal, right?

Here are my major 2017 projects completed (there were quite a number of other, smaller knits – lots of hats and a cowl or two – that were gifted before I photographed them):

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Clockwise from Upper Left: Beatha (my design); Three-Color Cashmere Shawl by Joji Locatelli; Caragh’s sweater (my yoke design hack of TinCanKnits’ North Shore sweater); Anonymous Shawl by Verena Cohrs (my hack to make it three color), Caragh Sweater by Laura Nelkin; Starting Point Wrap by Joji Locatelli; Jackson’s sweater (my design). You can see them all, with links to the patterns, notes on yarns and other notes, on my Ravelry Project Page.

I published Beatha in September, 2017. I have plans to write up Jackson and Caragh’s yoke sweaters (in the center photos) in 2018. I’ve actually already re-knit Jackson’s sweater, just keep getting pulled away from finishing the pattern. Once I finish his, I hope to work on Caragh’s yoke sweater. Hers was based on TinCanKnit’s North Shore design, but since it’s the same gauge as Jackson’s, I’m planning to use the base of Jackson’s sweater design for the yoke pattern I created for Caragh (because I really love the yoke on her sweater!).

I’ve definitely been in a colorwork mode for the past year, and it looks to continue into 2018. I love cables, too, but noticed as I was putting this together than there are no cable designs on my list. I’m sure that will change.

Speaking of which, my first design for 2018 is nearly ready to publish: Téamh (which is Irish Gaelic for “warmth”) is a cabled hat pattern with a deep brim (perfect for the ridiculous temperatures most of us are “enjoying” these days):


Newsletter subscribers will get a coupon in my next newsletter (scheduled for next week) to get the pattern free on Ravelry, so if you’re not signed up for my mailing list, you can sign up here if you’d like.

Happy New Year! Wishing everyone the best 2018, full of happiness, health, prosperity, at least a little adventure, and plenty of time for making!

Also, slight change to my blog; WordPress retired my previous template so it was no longer optimized for mobile. I have no idea how long it was like this, so I apologize if it’s been wonky. Hope you like the new template, and it works well wherever you read it :-).