September Subscriber Inspiration Colors!

Wow, did I get some great inspiration photos for September! This month’s photo comes from Karen, who sent me this gorgeous photo of an early wintertime scene, complete with clear aqua waters, the last leaves of autumn, storm clouds and towering snow-capped mountains.

Karen says the photo came across her Facebook feed; she loved the color and wanted to knit some fair isle using this photo as inspiration. It just so happens that the colors I’ve created will work great for fair isle (and I didn’t even know this until I emailed Karen to let her know I’d chosen her photos!), in addition to lots of other projects, of course.


I was so taken by all the different colors in this photo I ended up creating five colorways around it! The cold, clear aqua of the water became “Crystalline,” the rich red of those lingering leaves became “Last Leaves,” the deep charcoal-with-a-hint-of-blue of the mountains and tree became “Winter Shadows,” the multi-gray hued clouds became “Snow Clouds,” and finally, all were rolled up into a soft, dainty speckle named “Winter Revelry.”



This month’s colors are offered on Aurora (singly-ply fingering weight superwash merino), Philomena (three-ply fingering weight superwash merino), and Birte (dk weight superwash merino, cashmere, and silk). As usual, there’s a listing for each color on each base.


September Subscriber Inspiration colors will be available for pre-order from now through September 23, 2018. That’s a bit longer than usual, but I’m off on an adventure with 10 of my high school girlfriends, which we do every 5 years to celebrate our joint birthdays. So, I figured I’d just leave them open until I return. Then, I’ll get to work and get them out to you in about three weeks.

I’ll be skipping October inspiration colors due to New York Sheep & Wool preparations (read: marathon dyeing!), but will resume Subscriber Inspirations in November, so if you’re a newsletter subscriber please feel free to send me an inspiration photo anytime between now and mid-October, for November’s colors (and, if you’re not a subscriber, you can sign up at the top right, and play along with me!).

And, don’t forget, whoever’s photo is chosen receives a free skein of yarn in any of the bases being offered, in one of their special colors!



Meet My New Website!

I’ve spent the last month working on migrating my shop from my former platform to Shopify. What a collosal job it is to do this! This is the 3rd time I’ve done it, and hopefully the last! But I am so happy with my new shop, and I hope you will be, too!

I think it’s going to be a really great place to be.

Please do check it out. There are a whole bunch of new one-of-a-kind Lucky Pot colors, as well as new repeating colorways. And my super-cute logo Camp Mugs.

I have yarns organized in a couple different ways now, too – you can view by yarn base and by yarn weight, and Lucky Pots can all be viewed in their own section. Right now, I don’t have a Shop Update section, because there are new colors in every base. You can also see everything in the shop all in one place here.

With multiple payment options, live shipping rates, and free US shipping over $175. The only drawback to the migration is that I couldn’t migrate full customer accounts over (no password migration, so it didn’t seem worth the money to do a partial migration), so you’ll need to create a new account the first time you place an order.

Hope you love it!