Final Shop Update is Live!

Just a quick note to let you all know the final shop update at Spirit Trail Fiberworks is now live (and going fast!).

I plan to start shipping orders the week of August 19, so I’ll combine orders whenever possible and refund any shipping overcharges. If I’ve already shipped your previous orders, of course this won’t be possible. But because I already have a load of orders to ship, I’m estimating my shipping turn around is going to be longer than usual and more like 7-10 business days.

While supplies last, I have some goodies to include in orders over $200.00. Some fun stuff I know you guys will like so the earlier you order, the more chance you’ll get a little surprise (and the better selection of yarns will be there).

I am now officially out of the dye business. Another dyer purchased basically my entire set up, drove to my studio from Tennessee and picked it all up yesterday. Can you believe that she drove all that way?! In her defense, she’s from Texas and added a trip to me into a trip home to see her family (though I was definitely not on the way). I am so happy – I was able to help another dyer ramp up her business, and she helped me out by taking it all. I was really concerned I might have to take much of it to the dump, so I’m super happy I didn’t have to do that. I hope some dyeing mojo went along with it back to her studio.

So, this is it! Everything is dyed and up in my shop. I can’t even dye more if I wanted to :-).

In other news, I’m happy to report that I’ll be staying in New Mexico! I’m really quite happy about this; it’s a good thing for not only myself but this ranch. Having someone living here has been beneficial on several levels, and I’m so pleased to be staying and continuing to help my brother and sister-in-law care for this wonderful place. And, of course, it’s on Airbnb so if you ever want a vacation in a truly gorgeous place, look me up and come stay at Sapillo Creek Escape! It would be a perfect get away for a group of knitting friends, too (just saying 😀 ).

I’m starting a new, part time remote job next week, and excited about that as well as having time to paint and pursue some other work. I’ll be posting here now and then (when I have a new pattern design come out, or just to check in and update you all on what’s going on here at the Adobe Abode (my daughter coined that 😀 ) and in my life.

Thanks again (I really can’t say that enough to encompass how thankful I am) for a fantastic 18 years of playing with color, yarn, and having the great good fortune to meet you! xoxoxo



Big News at Spirit Trail Fiberworks


I had planned to send this out as a newsletter today but, ah, somehow I managed to delete my entire subscriber list (yeah, big, giant ::headdesk:: moment there). If you’d like to keep in touch via my newsletter, please go resubscribe, with my apologies.

Who would have thought, when I took that dye workshop with a friend at Stony Mountain Fibers in Charlottesville, VA way back in 2002 that, 18 years later, I’d still be dyeing yarn? When I came home from that workshop and announced I was going to start a business dyeing yarn, my family thought I was more than a little bit wacky. Yarn? Really? Who’s gonna buy yarn from you? It was pre-Etsy, pre-Ravelry, pre-Instagram. It was even pre-Facebook. Hard to believe.

It was one of those weird experiences in life: I just knew I was going to do it. I had such a strong image in my mind, it’s no surprise it happened pretty much the way I saw it. The picture in my mind was that strong and vivid. It was a “lightbulb moment.”

I never really thought about how long I’d be doing it. I wanted a business where I could work from home, so I could be with my kids and have a flexible schedule. Toddlers at the time, their whole lives up until this point have been Mom dyeing yarn in the laundry room (or, starting in 2016, my studio), and stinking up the house with that wet sheep smell (I kind of love that perfume; the rest of my family, not so much).

It’s been a great ride, and was a helpful second income for our family. This business did just what I needed it to do: it allowed me to stay home with my kids but still work. It gave me a job that was creative and flexible. It permitted me to bring color and a little bit of beauty into my life as well as yours, and gave me the great honor of creating something which, in turn, sparked your creativity and inspiration to make beautiful things.

I can honestly say that every moment of dyeing yarn has been a joy, and that’s remarkable. It’s been the best experience – creating colorways, playing spontaneously with the lucky pot colors, having the great fortune to meet customers in real life at the festivals, retreats and other events I’ve done over the years – and having many of you become friends in real and cyber life. Traveling to shows with some of my best and closest friends – who I met because of this business. It’s given me so many gifts, and I’ve treasured each moment, each friendship, each meeting, each email and each message.

Moving my studio out to New Mexico was a giant, expensive, and delayed, undertaking. Over the last 6 to 8 weeks, my stay in New Mexico has come into question and, until a few days ago, I planned to move from my brother’s ranch in mid-August. At this point, I’m not sure whether I’ll be staying here or moving elsewhere – back East, or someplace else. It’s all very up in the air.

What I have come to realize, though, is that I cannot move this business again. Trying to find a place to live, with my dog, and run a studio like this is more than I can contemplate. And I simply don’t have the financial means to pay for a separate, commercial studio space, as much as I may wish it were so.

It’s with truly mixed feelings that I’ve decided to close Spirit Trail Fiberworks in mid-August. While I never imagined I’d be a dyer for 18 years, I also never imagined what it would feel like to no longer have Spirit Trail Fiberworks as part of my life. It’s really kind of heart-wrenching. But in order to move forward, sometimes we have to leave some things behind, no matter how dear they are to us. This business, and you, are very dear and have meant the world to me.

I’m working on one final, big shop update for mid to late July, and I’ll post here when it’s live (since I no longer have a newsletter list. Ugh).

The Shop by Color listings will be open for a while, so if there’s a yarn and a colorway you’ve been wanting, you can still order it. I’m not sure how long I’ll leave the Shop by Color listings open, as I need to make sure I have enough time to get everything dyed and shipped before I close up shop. But, for now, they’re all open and available!

I’m not sure what my next phase will be. It’s funny (in a way): as I thought through all of this, I realized I spent 18 years working in commercial real estate, and I’ve now spent 18 years working as a dyer. I’m not sure what the next 18 years will bring, but I’m excited (and also, frankly, more than a little bit scared!) to find out. I hope it’s good!

I know I’ll be focusing more on my painting, as I haven’t had the time to paint as much as I’d like to, so if you’d like to keep in touch you can follow my painting accounts on Instagram and Facebook. I also have an art newsletter if you’d like to sign up to hear about new releases, shows and other art events.

I thought I’d be keeping my Spirit Trail newsletter going for publishing designs, but … ah … in cleaning out my list I somehow managed to delete the entire thing! If you ‘d like to keep in touch and hear about new designs I may publish, and other news, well – go on over and resubscribe. I’ll still be knitting, and I’m sure some of those knits will turn into new designs.

Thank you for the honor of dyeing yarn for you, and for the trust you’ve put in me over these many years! It’s been the most amazing experience! And stay tuned for that big shop update, coming later this month – there will be some of everything, and a few new bases, too!


I am in my weeklong break from social media this week, so while I’m sharing this post on Facebook via WordPress, I won’t be there to respond to comments. You can leave a comment here on my blog, if you’d like, and of course, I’m available via email at 🧡